Celebrating “kindergarten graduation” is only about the vanity of the parents and is otherwise idiotic & meaningless.

Celebrating “kindergarten graduation” is only about the vanity of the parents and is otherwise idiotic & meaningless.


If you didn't graduate from kindergarten just say that


Ikr this dude so salty


To be fair, this sub *is* **un**popular opinion


Home to the most popular of opinions


I’m not sure if it’s that unpopular. He’s a bit salty about it but it’s kinda true. What’s the real meaning behind it


That’s most likely accurate; it’s probably an unpopular opinion. It’s the patronizing insults about how it’s only vanity for the parents, and how it’s meaningless, that’s getting to people. You don’t insult someone for doing something simply because you don’t like it. It’s condescending and narcissistic to be belligerent towards other people simply because you don’t do what they do. It’s like the people that insult religious people simply because they don’t share the same belief systems. It’s asinine and unnecessarily disrespectful.


hey man let’s not get mad at OP, he was just doing his friend who’s too dumb to pass kindergarten a favor by typing out his thoughts


Oogoo gaga 😡👶


wtf dude don’t say that


Ikr! Dude is mad offensive


*Ive never been to oogoo gaga*


this guy fucking hates the look on kids faces after the ceremony what with all the smiles n shit!


Hence, the unpopular opinion post. He nailed it.


well he's at least using the sub correctly so there's that.


It really is for the kids though. My son won't stop talking about how excited he is for it.


My boy just had his first Bday with kid friends ever (in his mind, he's three, so he does not remember the first year bday party, and we were on lockdown for Bday #2). He has not stopped talking about it for the whole week. He has started to blow out candles and give us imaginary "birthday cake" everyday at dinner. Kinda breaks my heart a bit tbh.


My kid just turned three and she couldn’t stop talking about how all her friends would be there.....but she doesn’t really know any kids to have friends. It absolutely broke my heart every single time she brought it up.


Dunno if this applies to your situation, but if you live in an apartment, just go start grilling outside. They’ll show up :)


lol fr though. We did an outdoors thing for me to meet a couple of my guy's friends. We weren't even cooking food and I swear every kid in the neighbourhood rolled through at some point throughout the night. I don't even have kids! Kids just like being involved in things.


Your comment made me smile. So true.


So tell all the parents in her class and get people to attend. It’ll mean the world to her.


They said "she doesn't really know any kids" so I'm thinking there is no "class" to tell. Not every 3 year old does preschool/daycare even in the best of times, let alone when there's a pandemic.


Honestly it is hard not to worry what long term effects all this weird shit might have eventually on really young kids. Particularly at those ages (babies to toddlers), where they don't have an alternate reference point of "before COVID", and this is the only reality they know. Seeing just a handful of people, rarely interacting with kids (other than siblings), that their parents job is not a place they go to... among others.


That’s so cute. I didn’t do a big one until 3 for any of mine.


I find a lot of people on reddit think of kids as just stupid adults in small bodies when their personalities are a lot more complex than that.


A lot of people on reddit are stupid adults with small bodies to be fair


Look. I like to think that I'm of above average intelligence, you don't have to come for us short folks, alright?


I'm on reddit. I'm 5'10 and accidently did division once when I wanted multiplication. I was 27 at the time. I do not judge.


Average age of Reddit supports this thinking.


Lots of redditors don't understand they are still just stupid adults stuck inside I guess almost adult bodies.


I didn't feel like an adult until I was 31. I am still stupid tho


Yes! The amount of times people go off on kids age being described in weeks or months is insane. So many Reddit members are young/ignorant on so many child related developmental skills. I think Reddit is mostly young, middle class white dudes tbh


This school year I home schooled my daughter because she wasn’t old enough to start Kindergarten day 1 here in Florida (by 19 days…) and I didn’t want her to miss a year of schooling. I have been fortunate enough to work from home during the pandemic so have been dual tasking work and school with her. It was a hard adjustment for her as she went to preschool prior and equally for me because I had to reshift a lot on my end to accommodate work, school and caring for her full time. Kindergarten really is the foundation to everything and it can be hard work for kids, especially if they are doing it at home outside of the usual school environment sans a dedicated teacher / teaching assistant / friends, etc. to really support them full on. It’s been hard for me too because obviously I have to try and juggle work and school for her and a full curriculum, keeping her challenged and engaged in a healthy way. There have been a lot of times where we are stuck at home for a few days without getting a chance to go out and play, so having to come up with games and activities indoors while juggling the demands of work. She has definitely felt it on her end, it’s been rough for her not being able to interact with other kids. And there have been many many challenges in between. So yeah, throwing a graduation for her and buying a cap and gown is like the least I can do for us to celebrate this shared accomplishment together. I’m certain there are many other parents who went through the same thing this year feeling this same way. I’m so proud of my little girl and what she accomplished, and I’m proud of what I was able to accomplish as well.


Some times people without kids don't understand how much something can mean to the kids. Most of the time more than it does for the adults.




My parents were on vacation the day I graduated college.


I'm not sentimental at all...but i save my kid's art. We are moving and its shocking the stuff my wife has saved over the years.


Pro tip for saving kids art. Get them sketch books, much easier to store. My first box I saved of all of my kids art from the very first scribble is a mishmash of papers that almost got tossed. It’s so interesting to go through the years of her getting more detailed.


I’m sorry but who the fuck asks why when their child says their artwork should be placed on the fridge . Seems awful callous and unaware.


Seriously if Christmas was really for adults it would be spent binge drinking for a week and sleeping in until noon.


Dont let your dream be dreams


And why not. The rest of your adult life, nobody gives a shit about you. People are always harping on celebrations: “oh look at them, making a big deal out of having a baby, ugh, and so and so actually want to celebrate getting married, and what loser thinks that they should have a birthday party after 25? And why are people spending any attention to a new job? Who cares. Oh you just bought a house? Go fuck yourself.” I am going to celebrate everything I can because I work an office job and I’m in a good place and I enjoy being happy and celebrating the little things and the big things. There is enough natural monotony in my life that I absolutely enjoy celebrating birthdays and an excellent coffee and I don’t judge anyone who makes a big deal out of something important to them. Life is full of people with depression and anxiety. Let’s all focus on having more fun please.


yeah. I had a blast at my kindergarten graduation. I don't have a lot of memories from when I was five but I remember kindergarten graduation vividly and it was one of my happiest childhood memories.


I still remember walking with Bette Midler's wind beneath my wings playing.


Same. It was almost 50 years ago for me and I still remember it.


Such an experience of achievement to close their first year. Our kids did a "crossing the bridge" to symbolize moving from kindergarten to 1st. They got ice cream after.


I came here to say this. I'm a single father and never thought for one second that my son's pre-school and kindergarten graduations were for the parents' vanity... Maybe only non-parents think this... The joy radiated by my son at these two events was magical!


Yeah its a friggin celebration. Its important to get your kid to understand that when they accomplish things people will reward your hard work and growth. This sub has a lot of unpopular opinions that I agree with but there are some SERIOUS pessimist here.


And a good chunk of it are about children by people that more than likely are not parents themselves.


Idk what kind of people these folks on this sub deal with sheesh.


Unfair over-generalization. I’m not a parent/guardian, and I love supporting kids’ milestones. I actually created some at my faith community. You don’t have to be a parent/guardian to support and celebrate children’s formative times.


That's not what I'm saying. I'm saying a number of unpopular opinions on here are something negative about raising/dealing with children or about parents by people who do not have any children.


I think this is really important, it instills a goal in them, like remember this feeling? Work hard, and you’ll do it again and again.


47 next month, and I still have very fond memories of kindergarten grad. Let people enjoy things, right?


My 5 year old didnt get a graduation ceremony from his nursery (because of covid) and he is still sad about it. The graduation ceremony is literally closure for the children.


Closure is key. The preschoolers in my kid's class didn't really get until the ceremony that they wouldn't see the teacher and each other again. They all started bawling. The fact that there was an event around it helped them get that even sad transitions can have good sides .


This. My oldest was closing in on ending his preschool and doing a little celebration to mark the end of that and entry into kindergarten. Covid hit. Nobody knew how long it would last. He never even got to say goodbye to friends. Basically the only friends he had known. He asked about it often. He is just finishing kindergarten now, but the lack of any sort of "goodbye" from preschool really put a damper on things for him.


To all the parents that read this (and this is coming from a 27 year old dead set on being child-free): Do the little things. Make a big deal. Take the pictures. It’ll mean the world to your children, and as they get older, all those little things add up and they will realize one day they were the big things. My childhood has so many happy memories because I had parents who made things special in the ways they knew how. Some examples that I remember and that my friends still mention every now and then are: - My mom brought in a giant Costco sheet cake for my class’ kindergarten graduation. https://people.com/food/costco-popular-half-sheet-cakes-pulled-from-shelves-indefinitely-amid-coronavirus-pandemic/ This was it. We were the millennium kinder grads, so that made the year a bit more hyped. We had a millennium concert where all the grades did something from a different decade. - My mom hosted a little end of the year party with all my friends in grade 1. We ran through the sprinkler in my backyard, played on my swing set, ate pizza and potato smiles...it was a beautiful sunny day. I’ll never forget it. - My mom hosted a little Christmas party for my friends and I in grade 2. We watched Jack Frost, ate pizza and she made treat bags. Seriously, whatever you do, your child will feel special and remember it fondly.


My son decided to be the class clown for his Pre-K graduation and sing the songs they practiced with his tongue sticking out of his mouth, making the kids next to him laugh while singing. That was 2019. His Kindergarten graduation during quarantine was one of those "drive-thru" graduations. The school had Pomp and Circumstance on full blast and everyone was honking their horns. I think the 5 and 6-year-olds were more confused by the whole thing than anything else. They had not seen their teacher in person for three months...and when the teacher mailed home his "diploma" it said 2019, they did not even bother to update the year.


I legitimately still have memories from graduating kindergarten. My grandparents were there, my parents were proud of me, I was happy. We went to Sizzler afterwards, which was a big deal because money was always tight when I was young and we really didn't eat at restaurants. Coincidentally, I just found out that Sizzler still exists when I looked up whether it was called "Sizzler" or "Sizzler's" for this comment. I thought that chain went under in the 90's.


Exactly. Throw the kids a party man. Kids deserve to be happy and have some joy. This person probably tells kids on their birthday it’s just another day and not special or significant


I still remember how sad I was that my dad had to miss my kindergarten graduation. He kept telling me it wasn't a big deal, but when you're that age it's LITERALLY the biggest thing you've ever done in your life up to that point.


I don't think op knows any 5 year Olds.


Exactly. Kids can get so burned out on school and totally give up on it. Anything that can be done to keep education fun and interesting should be done.


I don't even have kids but the first thing I thought was "dont the kids enjoy it?" Definitely an unpopular opinion but it doesn't even really make sense.


Unpopular for sure but clearly from a young and/or child free person. At that age kids have nothing to lose by it I'm certain.


Sneaking below top comment cause I'm high so my comment can't be low. To the poster: I mean... yeah? But also not really. The reason is you love your kid and want to experience shit with it right? Or is only achievements, production and stuff with materialistic value the goal? Love, fun, emotions, adventure, mind expansion? Naaah, put it in the traaaaash /s


I think it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment and, in my view, will propel them into wanting to do good for themselves. Pride in ones self promotes a healthy, independent attitude. Now, I will say I don’t think we need a graduation for every grade, but Kindergarten is a big deal. Also — and maybe I’m just being emotional here — but as a Mom who just lost my grown daughter to suicide in January, I can’t help but think about all the kids who didn’t get to make it to that milestone due to illness or an accident. I’m sure as many people that are annoyed by Kindergarten graduations, there are also people like myself who see the value in them. With that said, I can certainly understand and respect why others may feel the opposite as I do. **EDIT: let’s see, I’ve now been called “soulless”, among other things, and told that they feel sorry for my children. Wow. I have my opinion and I shared why I felt this way; as a parent and long-time school volunteer, I saw first hand the pride children have. I’m sorry my answers aren’t good enough when I give them. I gave my reasoning and then it snowballed. I didn’t come here to argue but I will bite back when bitten, like most people. With that said, I accept my role in it and for that I do apologize. I got snarky when I shouldn’t have. I need to work on that, clearly. The real “soulless” ones in my opinion are the people who bring ones kids into the argument, saying you “feel sorry for them”. You shouldn’t ever talk about someone else’s children. That’s just not okay, especially to a parent who has lost a child to suicide. For those who have expressed their condolences and have reached out — my heart thanks you.


I'm sorry for your loss. My daughter passed three months ago. If you ever want to talk, don't hesitate to send me a message. I've found that talking to someone who can understand my pain can be really helpful.


That’s so kind. Thank you. I’m so very sorry for your loss. Sending you and yours healing thoughts and so much love and light.


I’m sorry for your loss.


Thank you very much.


It’s Reddit. There’s always going to be an angry contrarian who needs to shit on someone to satiate their compulsive dickheadedness. Don’t sweat it. Coming from someone who thinks (thought?) K-grads are a dumb idea, it was a really good point. I realized that, even if I personally hate the idea, it probably will be great for my son, who is starting kindergarten in the fall and who gets so excited by special events. I could easily see something like a graduation party being the thing that keeps him going when he’s restless or bored. Also, I’m so sorry for you and your family to hear about your daughter.


Very nice — thank you so much! And the best of luck to your sweet boy — enjoy the Mommy years! Pssst! My “baby” just turned 31!


We lost my brother to suicide 15 years ago. Monday was his 40th birthday and we all got together (as we do most years) even had cake and buried some of his remains under a new rose bush in the garden. Does it get better? I don't know. But it changes. He is still a source of love and joy as well as sadness. My kids, who never had a chance to meet him, will re-tell the stories they've learned about him; I'm very proud of that. Do DM if you ever need a stranger to talk to.


I’m so sorry for you and your folks for the loss of your brother. We’re still struggling here but it’s gotten a little easier as the months go on. I’ve learned the pain doesn’t go away — we just live with it. I recently did a podcast interview on the Milking Ardor Podcast - it’s episode #33 if you’re even remotely interested. My hope is that it helps others, even in some small measurement. Thank you for your kind condolences. So appreciated. Sending love and light your way.


This right here! My oldest just had his kinder graduation because he had to repeat the year. He worked so hard for it and this last semester was his best grades. He wanted to go to graduation and celebrate because he worked hard for it. I got the photos and memories but he was so proud of himself. His little brother died at a month old, so it was a little bitter sweet to have another milestone he will never hit.


Awww. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your entire family. I’m so sorry for your loss. Truly. Your little guy has every right to feel so proud! Congratulations to him for working so hard. He truly earned his Kindergarten graduation! I wish you healing and hope and love and light.


I agree! I actually remember my Kindergarten graduation and I played the cat in the class play at the end of the year. I was really proud of myself. So sorry for your loss <3


So sweet. Thank you so much.


Im so sorry for your loss


That’s very nice of you. Thank you so much.


Sorry for your loss :(


Unpopular opinion indeed, it's about the kids having fun and having a special moment.


Another unpopular opinion: if it was only about the vanity of the parents, that wouldn't be a bad thing. Raising kids must be really tedious, so having a few victories is a good thing.


Another unpopular opinion. Parents sometimes don’t force kids to go to places like a graduation. Some kids have friends that are moving and want a single moment with them. And, yes it’s fine if parents have a few victories, I agree with your unpopular opinion. It also makes the kids happy to accomplish something, like the parents.


You gotta take time to celebrate the good things. Life can be fun, and finishing the first year of school is a milestone. Kids should get all the positive vibes about learning to love education they can.


Just had a drive through preschool graduation for my 5 year old. I couldn't have cared less. But she fuckin loved it you're right though I should really bring her down a peg or 2. Edit: I miss spoke and typed could. And people are eating me alive


>you're right though I should really bring her down a peg or 2. I bet once a year she expects a cake and balloons and everyone to just sing to her because she's so damn special! The entitledness of it all.


I still have my preschool diploma along with all my others and remember my preschool graduation fondly. Apparently im wrong though lol I couldn’t possibly have enjoyed it and I should have checked myself as a 4 yr old


Stupid 4-5 year olds with your innocence


Yeah I should have understood I had no merit Jesus the nerve




You're preaching to the congregation man


It's all water under the fridge now


Better mop that water up before someone steps in it with socks


I don't know what kind of pageant show kindergarten graduations you've been going to but I have 4 kids. I have been to plenty of kinder graduations and it is clearly all geared towards the kids feeling positive feelings about school. It is hardly a wannabe stuffy high school graduation. Kindergarteners sing songs on a mat in their classroom while a dude plays guitar. Try to lighten up.


Shhhhhh, let people be happy. Edit: Thank you for the award, kind person. I recently lost my father, whom I love dearly and miss very much. I’m so lucky to have such a great family and support system in my life during this tough time. Coming across OP’s post, made me think about my family and how life can be so cruel and hard. Life is too short not to be happy and love those that are dear to us. Everyone we care about will one day, sadly, go away. So love and celebrate those close to you as much as you can and let them know how proud and loved they are. And yes, this includes fur babies.


Clearly OP hasn’t had kids and doesn’t enjoy seeing their loved ones be happy and have their moment of joy.


Something tells me OP probably refers to children as crotch goblins.


Surprised the post uses the word "parents" and not "breeders".


Oh no, one of those duty free childfree types? Definitely plenty of [dog posts](https://www.reddit.com/u/strangecargo?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share).


Can you imagine if there really were these little goblin guys that ran around in your crotch?


Sounds like DnD pubic lice.


posts on childfree subs if that tells you anything.


Lmao exactly


Right? Shame on people for being joyful over the little achievements in life.


Fuck things that are just for fun.




I just hate having fun and if there's something I hate even more it's other people enjoying what they like! We need to normalize not having fun!


it’s an abomination that the adults in a child’s life want to give them fun memories!


Yeah I think it's cute.


Guess op complains when they get a fun size snickers because it's not a king size snickers too.


Those things suck. It takes just as much effort to unwrap as it does to eat and then I have to unwrap a dozen more because my sweet tooth has been triggered. Something about the small ones makes them stick to my teeth more too.


Especially for kids. Those dicks don’t even have jobs


That's just some people on this sub. Do fun things that are point less cost money = you suck, you dumb, or you a POS.


I mean the kid's not going to qualify for a mortgage, or finish their first 10k...but it's important to instill in kids that hard work pays off - rewards are good maybe the parents go overboard and are annoying...but most people are annoying


They’re behaving like children.


I still remembered my kindergarten graduation clearly and I am now 20 years old. It was a great memory.


I remember my preschool graduation! I wore my whale dress and my friend wore a tie. A distant but fond memory :)


\[not U.S.\] My younger niece got a cardboard toque and a cheap diploma. Not sure it was a full-fledged ceremony though. Still a nice way to say goodbye to the kids and to give them a bit of "closure". It may look like a stupid thing, but to them it's the very first meanignful change, leaving behind some friends, the teachers and a familiar setup to move on to proper school. I see no harm in a quick acknowledgment of that. It's not what they have "accomplished", it's what moving forward entails.


I mean socialization and starting education of a child is pretty important


Damn my wife is a preschool teacher and she’s so passionate and excited to see their kids graduate.


I just got out of my son's kindergarten graduation. He had a very hard time even getting into kindergarten because he was behind. Seeing his progress academically among many other important things is a great thing to enjoy. Not even going to bring it down to the whole you don't have kids things. It's an achievement for some, and it should be celebrated.


As someone who came from a family that treated all graduation/celebration (except for high school and even that they didn’t make a big hype out of) type stuff as pointless, I’d have to disagree. I believe in celebrating even the small, seemingly insignificant things. A life without celebration is depressing as hell.


I disagree. I remember my Kindergarten graduation vividly and it was lit. We got to sing a bunch of songs for our parents and we all had dope outfits. It was totally more fun for us than our parents!


Tell me tou don’t have kids without telling me you don’t have kids. If you’ve ever been to one you know the kids are the ones enjoying it and the parents are there just because that’s what parents do.


Yeah, I'm going to my daughter's preschool graduation on Friday and OP has a dumb take. It's for the kids. We're happy to go, but only to see our daughter enjoying it.


My kids kindergarten graduation is tomorrow. Am I excited about standing around awkwardly with a bunch of strangers in the hot sun while my daughter's name is called? No. Is my daughter excited and proud? Hell yes. I'll be there with bells on.


This is the way!


Honestly I also think it instills the idea in kids’ minds that finishing school is rewarding. Sure, they didn’t do any REAL work in preschool or kindergarten, but they still got through a year of school and they get to reap the rewards and good feelings that come from it. I think it’s sort of a motivation thing that makes them more enthusiastic about learning


They absolutely learn in kindergarten. It’s just that three year olds need to be taught foundational skills like colours and blocks and how to behave properly around others and how to properly socialize. You can’t discredit a three year olds achievements just because you can do calculus and they can’t. That’s how i imagine these people are


Okay I’m realizing I should’ve been more clear that when I said they don’t do “REAL” work, I was referring to the people who think real work only means adult work (aka high school or college level work). As in, sure they don’t learn how to write essays or solve complex math problems, but they still go through a year of learning and that deserves to be celebrated.


I agree completely. Imagine having such low self esteem you must discredit the achievements of actual children to feel better about your own lol.


Um what school did you go to? We definitely did real work in kindergarten!


I learned how to read in kindergarten. I better have got a diploma lol


Does that matter though? Celebrating is fun, kids are cute, why not go for it anyway.


I mean, I generally agree with the statement, but this is the very firt time I've ever heard of a graduation ceremony for Kindergarten? It's kind of adorable, not going to lie.


We just had my daughters preschool graduation yesterday. If it is was for me I definitely wouldn’t of gone. My daughter was so excited. It was 100% for her. You should of seen how excited she was. It’s all she has been talking about for several days.


This makes me really happy. I taught pre-kindergarten and we had a graduation for them where they performed a few songs and showed off some of what they learned (counting, days of the week, reading short sentences). We rehearsed everyday for at least six weeks. I hope they were as excited about it at home as your daughter was. It was a lot of work.


Damn, your parents really didn't care about you huh?


ikr? lol damn I was just gonna say this guy’s a peach.


His childhood was absent of toys, candy and holidays. Shucking claim shells was designated for his older sisters so when he reached the tender age of 2 he joined his father in mining coal to support the family.


They damn sure didn't go to OP's kindergarten graduation.


It's a chance for kids to get excited about their education when they're just starting their education. How can that be a bad thing?


How is this idiotic? Its for the kids and their parents, why do you give a fuck?


Imagine being this cynical. It's just an excuse for the kids to have fun.


The kids like it. Tf is the problem. Its like saying "kids birthday parties just exist for parental vanity bc psshhh EVERYONE HAS BIRTHDAYS LUL" like what


Hey man, it's the first school year for the kids, and making the completion of that special helps set up a love of school and learning.


Exactly what I was gonna say! It instills the idea in kids’ minds that finishing school is rewarding, since they get to experience the pride/excitement that come from graduating. It’s a motivation thing that makes them more enthusiastic about learning


It’s actually for the kids, don’t be a fucking grouch


It’s for the kids though. To give them that keep going you are doing great reward. It is encouraging and meaningful for the kids.


It's ok to celebrate life. Yes, even the small wins. It's ok, let people enjoy it lol


I got to make some cool hats tho


As someone who has attended both preschool and elementary school graduations, the look on your child's face of excitement and pride? Its not about me you fucking moldy chunk of Swiss cheese. Its absolutely about them being proud and wanting to show it.


The parents don't even want to be there half of the time wtf are you talking about. You sound like you got dragged to your little brother's graduation and haven't gotten over it


Why celebrate anything? Someone has surely already done it. Your personal achievements mean nothing in the grand scheme of things because someone already did it!


the same can be said of any form of graduation ceremony.


Its just "graduating" high-school


As the parent of a recent kindergarten graduate, I can assure you that neither I nor most other parents give a fuck. We do what the school tells us to do. It’s actually funny more than serious.


It's not just about parents, although that is apart of it. When my daughter finished Kindergarten she was so proud of herself. "I did it momma! I did it!" Her exact words. She had a love for school and I believe that moment had a big role in that. She passed three months ago. She was 12. The picture I took of her at kindergarten graduation holding her certificate and smiling a genuine smile is one of my most prized possessions as well as one of my favorite memories. So yes, I understand why it might seems silly to celebrate, and not every child will develop a love of school and learning. It creates a lasting memory for parents AND kids.


This is an unpopular opinion for sure so here’s your upvote. Now I am going to just say that congratulating people on their achievements is super healthy. It shows people that they can do what they need to if they put their minds to it. In the case of kindergarten it is the first time that children may understand successfully completing something. Even if it isn’t on their own, it gives them the mental understanding that there are benefits to learning.


I thought the point of these graduations early on is to reinforce the idea that education is an achievement that should continue to be pursued?


Based on your spelling and grammar I'd say you're opinion is one from jealousy at never having graduated kindergarten.


It’s psychotic! We keep creating new ways to celebrate mediocrity!


Young kids really benefit from this kind of positive experience. It’s good for them developmentally


I'm going to my son's preschool graduation next month. He will be so pleased with life, having a great time with his little pals and I will be proud to witness that moment that doesn't bother anyone else, and all it will cost is an hour of my time. But fuck that, right! Might skip his wedding too, that will fix his wagon. ETA - as you can see, this one is unpopular with me so take your upvote.


Yeah. I feel the same way about people who enjoy or cut loose on the weekends. Like, you made it through the week. Big deal. If you go to happy hour on Friday or say “Sunday Funday” you are responsible for mediocrity of America and the world. Thanks for the carbon emissions.


What about “Tuesday Boozeday?”


Nah. That’s shits chill. Casual weekday alcoholism is the only thing keeping this republic above water.


Exactly. And don't even get me started on weddings. Lots of people get married. Not something to celebrate. Barely worth mentioning. Like, maybe say something if it comes up specifically, but otherwise stop contributing to the mediocrity of America by making a big deal about something most people do anyway (heck, some people do it more than once!).


Really goes to show how cynical most people on reddit are cause it took me a solid minute or two to realize this was sarcasm lol


I disagree. Both of my kids loved graduating kindergarten. When mine did it that meant they were going to "big" school & was leaving the daycare program they were in. I dont know of any kids that have had a graduation from actual kindergarten at the elementary school


Its not even a thing in many countries so its not very unpopular view


The kids need to be encouraged or they might see education as a slog that they don't have any reason to enjoy.


I remember feeling proud of "graduating" to the next grade each year without a ceremony...continuing to become more of a "big kid." I agree with OP that these yearly "graduations" are ridiculous. I have kids. I'd rather take them out for a "good job" ice cream than sit through these things and pay for caps and gowns every year. Yeah the kids get excited about them, but so what? I make my kids life magical every week. Kindergraduation (and all the other non-high school, non-college graduation) ceremonies are us falling for some made up Hallmark-holiday-esque marketing play on the part of those cap n gown companies. Talk about the ultimate in throw away fashion... This trend is NOT good for the planet!


No mate. It's for the kids. The kids get excited that they're being celebrated. I don't think the parents could give less of a fuck because pretty much everyone goes through nursery. It's obviously not an achievement, but it's to make the kids happy.


No, you're just an idiot. Little kids love that shit. It's to make little kids feel good about themselves. Again, you're an idiot.


Congratulations on the truly unpopular opinion


They're just looking for a reason to party. Its like birthdays.


OP is the ultimate redditor, hates children and fun.


He's overqualified!


And heaven forbid it’s the children having fun....


Children having fun? Absolutely not


Seems more like positive reinforcement to me


Bet your fun at partys. As a child you surely were never excited over a birthday party because if you were that would just be about the vanity of yourself and otherwise idiotic and meaningless. All you did was live for a year. This kind of mindset is what you learn in kindergarten not to have as its not productive, something you seem to value. Have you ever meet a parent who went around flaunting the fact their kid graduated kindergarten like it was something they accomplished? No. Its for the kids. Let children have fun. Get fucked by a pack a wolfs.


Idk, not having achieve some grand thing, doesn't mean we can't celebrate it. It's a big step for a child to start school. We are celebrating birthdays each year or anniversaries, just because it's makes people feel nice.


Yes- even less pleasant things call for low-key celebration/acknowledgement. Like doing something special in remembrance of someone who died.


Sounds like someone didn't get to celebrate their own Kindergarten graduation when they were little


I only received a kindergarten graduation. 5th, 8th and 12th were all taken from me for one reason or another. Not behavior but circumstance so I’m very grateful for kindergarten graduations. The only stage I’ve gotten to cross


Parents like doing this because it's cute to see little idiots waddle up doing some adult-looking thing. "Pride" has nothing to do with it. It's just funny and entertaining, and it is a nice send-off and photo-op celebrating the end of a memorable phase of that kid's life. In other words, it's not that deep, man.


I liked mine. Everyone got an award and it felt nice.


i think it’s nice for everyone involved to celebrate your children and their friends. makes kids happy, probably lets them get some energy out before heading home that day too.


I've never heard of a kindergartner failing


I mean is it vanity or like, do they just think it's cute. Like nobody out here like 'look how smart my kid graduated kindergarten' Sounds like you have a case of 'takes-shit-too-seriously'itis. It's ok, quite common these days my dude.


I guarantee the parents care less about it than the kids. Both of my younger brothers were super excited for their graduations because they got a party at school and because it made them feel like big kids. Me, my older sister, and both of my parents didn’t give a shit.


They managed to make it through one year of actual school. This is a huge deal for them! They made friends and had to follow a schedule, be away from home all day. It's a scary time and they made it!


You are one soggy ass piece of bread. Like dude there are so many other things to rightfully bitch about and you pick kindergarteners being proud of themselves? Fuck 😅 Like maybe go to one? Noooo parents are their with there vanity. We do that every other day of the year during drop off and pick up lmao. It's metal chairs cramped in a gymnasium and hoping you get a spot in front of little johnny's 300 lb. great aunt. It's literally for the children to celebrate and be proud of themselves and get one last horrah with their class. I think the comparison to college is hilarious as well. Like yeah "hey fuck kids..who do they think they are..acting like they g r a d u a t e d don't they know everything is meaningless until you get to college?" I just.... Lololololololol


No graduation outside of college is really meaningful


Reddit really has no idea about children at all. A kindergarten-aged kid isn't some larval stage of human unable to comprehend their own self image. Even preschool-aged kids, a year before kindergarten, will be visibly proud of getting a certificate for something. Even earlier than that, too, depending on the person. Understanding the symbolism of a celebration is not that difficult. We even tell babies "good job" when they do something good, and they don't even have to be able to talk yet to understand the sentiment. Because they're people. This is an essential social cue.