TIFU by accidentally attending an underage party, like a creep

TIFU by accidentally attending an underage party, like a creep


Imagine sitting in your room. Some stranger walks in and says "I don't know you" and just leaves. Wild day.


Hahahahahaha i have never thought of it like that. Thats hilarious. I was pretty shocked when it happened and i realised i didnt know her, but i dont remember her responding at all so it may well have gone down exactly like that for her


In college, about 5 of us are laughing and having a good time, and we pile inside our friend’s blue pickup truck. I’m putting on my seatbelt when I finally notice this horrified middle aged woman in the driver’s seat — who was definitely not my friend Beth.




When my youngest daughter was 7 or 8 we owned a conversion van. We were all leaving the store one day and she spotted our van in the parking lot and ran to it ahead of the rest of us. She tried the door but it was locked so she ran to the back and slid open one of the he sliding windows and started climbing in, laughing like a lunatic. The rest of us reached the van...and kept walking. It took her a few seconds to realize the van she was breaking into wasn't ours. After seeing the look on her face we laughed until we cried.


When out with my grandmother, she'd often leave the car window down just enough to squeeze our arms through so we could unlock the door without waiting for her. One time we were out and I ran back to the car ahead of her. The cracked window felt pretty tight, and I was really working to get my arm in there. She approaches me, laughing, because I was trying to get into the wrong car! They were similarly colored sedans, so I didn't notice the difference. She told me the car I was trying to get into was way nicer, so maybe I should have kept going. Miss you, Grandma Milli!


Have you already shared this? I'm certain I've read this before Edit: checked out your profile. I did read it before, and upvoted it then too




It's a big ol' internet until things like this happen and make it feel so small. Thanks for the memorable story!


You: “ahhh! You’re not Beth!” Her: “...you’re not gonna believe this”


i like how you guess the correct name of her daughter so this make it more difficult and awkward


If the mother hadn’t known the neighbor family, this story may have ended a lot differently...


Why don't you have a seat right over there...


Damn, imagine walking into Chris Hansen by accident ...


have some donuts


And some tea. I have some friends dropping by who’d love to see you.


Oooh donuts, tea and new friends? Sounds like a great time.


How hilarious would it be if her daughter's name wasn't Steph and she just wanted to fuck with this guy who got the wrong house.


I could see me doing that lol


What are you doing Steph-mom?


*shrugs* "might as well stay here"


I think if her name wasn't Steph, this wouldn't have gone this far. Unlucky and lucky at the same time lol


“Pam?” “Yes I’m Pam” “Oh sorry we have a coworker also named Pam”


Are you saying Pam? or Pan?


I've been known to bend the truth.


Dammit, Pam! Get out, right now! I mean it, get the hell out of here. Go!


Actually mum was a genius. She’s thinking “Steph is about to be in a whole load of trouble. I’m about to bust Steph for going out with this 25yr old vodka bringing dude” so she takes vodka dude to her room to see what explanation Steph has. Turns out Steph’s just a nice kid, and vodka dude was just a bit of a doofus.


Doofus! What a great word, i havent heard that in years. Im jumping on board and gonna bring that back into my vocabulary


No joke, I had a really similar experience. Was going to my friend's apartment but hadn't been before. Find what I thought to be the right building, go to unit 4, knock on door. Girl opens it up. "Hey I'm a friend of Alessandra" "oh let me go get her" \*out walks completely random person I don't know\* We both just look at each other awkwardly before I say "you're not my Alessandra" and she closes the door and I walk away. Then I figured out that my friend was in the next complex down in unit 4.


The other way around as you described it is so much worse. The mom basically escorted you to her daughters room not knowing how you were while you had a bottle of liquor. “Lets get to know each other” Im terrified thinking about it.


I am living for this moment lmao


"that's my purse, I dont know you!!"


Dang it Bobby


That boy ain't right.


I tell ya hwat


Would be one of those things where after like 5 years you’d just assume it was a dream. Because there’s no way that would happen on your birthday no less, as your mom is rather indifferent about it


I laughed way to hard at that thought. "I'm looking for another young girl"


why dont' you take a seat over there


my mom did this to someone! she was helping me move into my dorm at college and went to the car to get something, came back inside and forgot which dorm was mine. she walked into some poor kids room and starting putting down boxes. she looked over at the couch, saw some random boy. she said “wait, I don’t know you...” and walked out. she told me he looked terrified lol


Wow that just reminded me. I was waiting for a buddy to pick me up for a night out. Car pulled into my apartment’s parking lot. Lights completely blinded me and I tried to get a sign it was them and it seemed like it just based how they sorta pulled up. So I jogged over, opened the back seat door, and sat down. Well... it was some random couple that were talking and I assume one lived at my place. Brief beat of silence followed by me saying very quickly an apology, that I was waiting for friends, and that they weren’t those friends. I jumped out of the car and went back to my apartment and sat laughing to myself at my own stupidity till my friends texted me later that they had arrived about 10mins later. I like to believe that the couple was breaking up or in some very serious argument that was broken up by a random guy hoping in the back seat of their car during the middle of it.


I pictured a couple having an argument in a car, then a random guy gets in the back seat to watch, maybe with some popcorn in hand.


Jesus, I suck with direction and spatial stuff, and do that shit all the time. 🤦‍♂️


What happens when a stranger walks into my bedroom, says “I don’t know you” but stays??? I’m going to need an answer really quick like!


`>an hour ago` So did you stay? Or did you leave?


An older stranger with a bottle of vodka in hand.


Mom what the hell did you get me for my birthday?


A man who doesn't know you aka your father


A fathergram




You left out some key details. Imagine you're a ~18 year old girl sitting in your room Some 25 year old man, *carrying a vodka bottle* walks in, says "I don't know you" and just leaves. And as you sit there, half terrified, half confused, listening through the door as your mother gives the man directions, it dawn's on you that... she just let this dude in with no questions based on information almost anyone could get off facebook (birthday event page > Host's profile > family section on about page > daughter's name and profile) @[email protected]


To be honest, a 25 year old man may sometimes look 18-20. So maybe thats why the mom didnt find it too strange.


One of my friends is 24 and she looks 15. It happens




"I don't know you and I don't care to know you"


Heard any news from the other provinces?


I met this older lady who was working in a gun store and she invited me to some weekly BB gun shooting competition she was involved with. Sounded like fun, so I show up on Monday night or whatever it was. She said they supply the guns, so I'm just empty handed sitting by myself. At some point I start to notice everyone is like 8-16, or the parent of someone who is. Turns out it's a shooting league for children. After some time one of the dads politely asked me WTF I thought I was doing there. The lady who invited me was there, she was an instructor or chaperone or whatever, but it turned out to be her first time there and she didn't know shit about it. She didn't really own up to causing this clusterfuck or do anything to relieve my embarrassment. Everyone ended up being cool though and the kids let me shoot their guns. But I didn't go back.


I once had pretty much the opposite experience, went to a guitar club which turned out to be populated entirely by fifty year old men. As an eight year old girl at the time, I didn't really fit in but my dad stayed there with me, they were all very nice and I learned the chords to some Buddy Holly songs. But I also did not go back.


Haha I used to go to old people jams all the time. Old people love seeing kids play. That was 20 years ago though, and they're all dead now. :(


You made the lives of some old people better. :)




Dude I’m fucking cracking up at the idea of your adult ass shooting a 12 year olds BB gun and just hanging out lol


Just wrestling the gun off an 8 year old, "No, it's **my** turn now!"


About 10 years ago, me and some friends, all in our late 20 and early 30s, decided to go do paintball one weekend. We got put up against this group of junior high school age kids, and they lit us the fuck up. It was embarrassing.


slightly reminds me of the time i went to a family friend of my best friends house and we played a shooter game with the older boys. they decided to have a “competition” and they put me up against the friends 8 year sister. i thought *heck yeah dude i’m gonna smoke this child*. how wrong i was. it was in fact *I* who got smoked. how embarrassing


Dude! My 6 year old son speed runs minecraft parkour maps, his hand eye coordination is unbelievable. We have a house minecraft server and all of my 4 children make me feel like a complete noob when I try to play with them. My oldest is currently trying to beat doom eternal one handed on PC. all with mouse mapping on his naga. Who are these savant ass video gamer kids?!


I accidentally got my dates mixed up and showed up to bingo night. I had a fucking blast with the elderly and bingo slaps. I'd go when I wasn't working on Tuesday night. One of the best accidents. We've had some online bingo nights but not everyone could do it, but I actually miss it and kinda excited to get back into it.


When I was like 16 I wanted to try out a martial arts/ kickboxing course I found on the local sports club's website. It said you could just come by and try it out. So I went there for the next date, changed and went in. The trainer welcomed me and started right away only for me to realise that this wasn't the martial arts course I was there for. Apparently the times changed and I was at the weightloss aerobic class for women in their 40s. Very awkward but they were really nice and didn't seem to mind me not fitting in and asked me to come back twice a week. I just said I need to ask my parents and never came back. Never went to the martial arts course at the right date.


I did something similar when my girlfriend and I were going to someone’s house to take pictures before prom. She knew generally which house we were going to, but not the exact address. We got to the street and saw a bunch of cars parked outside, so we knew we were in the right place. The girl whose house we were going to just said to go through the house and meet them out back. We looked at the houses where the cars were and saw one had the front door open. We assumed that had to be the house, so we just went in and walked towards the back door. As we got to the back door, we noticed no one was outside, so we turned around and started to head for the front. As we were going back towards the front door, a woman came down the stairs and saw us leaving her back room. She asked us who we were in a very confused tone and we just quickly apologized and left. Luckily we were dressed for prom so we looked more lost than like we were robbing her house.


Damn now I know what to wear if I'm ever going to rob someone


Wholesome AF. At least the mom was cool when you explained it. Shit happens lol


I'm pretty sure the moms response when he came to the door was along the lines of 'Either he looks way older than he is, or I need to have a serious conversation with my daughter' and opted to see how things played out.


Or Steph was older than he thought and the mom figured she'd invited a friend from college over while her sister had a birthday party.


Yeah, OP got lucky with the mom being reasonable. That could’ve gone south quick


Yeah i got really lucky, some people are just very nice and understanding.


That’s an easy way to get killed in some parts of the country


Wow i watched you edit that that’s crazy


What did it originally say?


South instead of country if i’m not mistaken?


Yeah, it's a reasonable edit considering theres hillbillies all over the states, not just rednecks in the south who'll do that...


I'm pretty sure he's in the UK.


She was probably incredibly relieved that a really bad scenario wasn't suddenly unfolding in front of her eyes.


She was probably really glad that his excuse made sense. "Um, I'm actually looking for... a different Stephanie." "Uh huh, sure you are buddy." "Stephanie Hiphopopotamus?" "Oh shit, yeah, they actually live 4 doors down on the left. MARK! Tell the cops we're fine, his story checks out."


My rhymes are bottomless...


Poppin' off the top of this esophagus, rockin' this metropolis


I'm not a large water dwelling mammal, where'd you get that preposterous hypothesis


It happens. I was at my parents house for someone's birthday and our neighbors down the street were also having a get together and a guy hung out for about an hour before realizing he was at the wrong house.


“Dude! Where are you? This party is lit af!” “What do you mean? This party is lame! I don’t know anyone and I’m just sitting here watching Bob and Sue Whoeverthefuck talk about wine...” “You’re hilarious! Grab some jello shots and come out to the pool!” “What pool?” “Are you serious? Wait... where the fuck are you?” “Uhh, 1135 Mason St?” “You dumbass, it’s 1185 Mason TERRACE! You are 3 blocks away hahaha” “Oh shit, be right there”


>Sue Whoeverthefuck I like that lol I’m gonna start using that


why the fuck are Mason St. and Mason Terr. in the same neighbourhood lmao


Every suburb in every US city, it’s maddening


Did you at least leave the vodka for the inconvenience?


Shoulda had shots with the mom to be honest for helping him find his way.


This guy knows moms. Source. I had one.


Sorry for your loss


Some say he still does but he used to, too.


We used to have a Mitch. 😥


I don't anymore but I used to too.


Man, when I use the word "was" or "had", etc, I wish people would pick up on that sublety


Source: Trust me bro


After a teen birthday party? Oh my yes she needed that vodka


Yeah and made sure she wasn't stuck in any *dryers*


About five years ago we had a huge birthday party for a friend turning 50. We live in rural Wa State. The guys elderly parents had a general idea of where we live and did not use gps at the time. They were running late. Found out they stopped at a gathering where there were some cars. Three houses before ours. With folks eating outside. They went to the back of the house, introduced themselves and had some chips and a Jell-O shot. They asked about their 50 yo son. Said they did not know him. Asked more questions and everyone started laughing. They had a few more chips, even hugged the hosts, and found their way to us.


> even hugged the hosts 'Tis was the before-time...




Very wholesome. 😁


Imagine this guy unwittingly walks into a house, asking for a 15-year-old girl by the correct name, bottle of vodka in hand. You know the story. We've seen it a million times. It's a trope at this point. Enter: Chris Hansen "Why don't you have a seat over there?" "Uh... what?? What's going on?" "I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC. We're doing a story on predators. What are you doing here?" "N-No! This was a mistake, I'm at the wrong house I swear!" "*Chuckles* Yeah, yeah, I hear that one all the time. Looks like you came prepared with alcohol. What were you planning this evening?" "I came to see my friend Stephanie! It's her birthday party." "And how old is Stephanie?" "She turns 21 today" "You and I both know Stephanie is 15" "*FUUUUUUUUUCK*"


Enh. As the mom of a 15 year old- you didn't stay, you didn't give the 15 y.o.s vodka and didn't creep when faced with a underage girl.


He also probably looked confused af. A really confused lost dude is probably going to be pretty easy to distinguish vs a creep


As a once often confused dude I will admit to getting helped by random mom's, most are reasonable people I swear, looking back I think I had a terminal case of DUMBASS that I somehow managed to outgrow.


People are too entertained by your shenanigans, so they let you think you outgrew it


Oh no


Pls tell me when you outgrew it, i’m 19 and i still haven’t


Bro I'm 30 and there's no end in sight


Just rip my consciousness away from this meat prison please.


Just eat the “do not eat” packet in a package of beef jerky and then you’re free


Funny story, when I was in grade 2 one of my friends always had beef jerky during break, so you know how there are the do not eat packets? He uses to open them and use them to salt his beef jerky then eat it with the scillica balls sprinkled on top. Idk if he made it pass 15


so he develop immunity against




Eric Forman?


Wow I can't believe Steph lied and was actually 17


Almost got the wodka delivered!


I did this, except I was at the right house. A younger friend 2-3 years younger than me invited me to a party and kind of wanted to impress me, so he told me it was gonna be a total rager, and to bring booze. I show up at the party and same deal, I figured there were some kids inside and the real party was in the back. Finally I find somebody my age who asks me "is that alcohol?" "Of course!" I say. "Do you want some?" This girl becomes livid with rage as she snatches the fifth of vodka out of my hands, opens it, and pours it out onto the ground. I'm too stunned to do or say anything. "MOM! DAD!" this girl screams. Turns out she's the 19/20 year old older sister of the birthday celebrant. My friend was 2-3 years younger than me, and the party guests are 3-4 years younger than him. It's a party of 15-year-olds. I literally ran down the street and out of sight. As I crept back (thankfully it was getting dark) The mom and dad were standing in the driveway attempting to catch me leaving. I hid in the bushes for a solid 20 minutes until I hear the dad on the phone calling the police, so it's now or never. They parents didn't know which car parked in the driveway was mine (thank God mine was not one of the cars blocked in by another car), and the mother temporarily steps away from blocking my car in the driveway. I creep in with my keys and unlock the car from the passenger side. As quickly as I can I started the car and threw it in reverse. The dad immediately reacts as yells "IS THAT HIM?" The older daughter screams "THAT'S HIM!" I pulled a Dukes of Hazzard and floored the car in reverse before shifting into drive and blowing out of that suburban cul-de-sac like a bat out of hell. Still one of my more embarrassing memories. Moral of the story, if you're being invited somewhere where you know only one or two people, scope out the vibe of the party before you go waltzing in.


This family is the polar opposite of the one OP met.


I'm assuming you're in America, because bringing alcohol to a party of 15-18 years olds in the UK would probably be pretty chill.


If this is real, why the hell did your friend tell you to bring alcohol when you’re more than five years older than everyone else, who are fifteen-year-olds. You were doomed from the start. Even if you had not been caught by the sister. A 20 to 22-year-old shouldn’t be at a party for kids. Your friend must not have been thinking at all.


18 year old invites his 21 year old friend to his birthday because they are friends, asks for alcohol because 18 year olds love alcohol, still friends with a couple of sophomores who also love alcohol, doesn't really click in his head that 15 year olds shouldn't be drinking with 21 year olds. 21 year old doesn't think twice about providing booze for his slightly underage adult friend's party that he thinks is going to be wild with a bunch of party animals.


\[\*brings vodka to a 15 year old's party\] "Have a seat right there" -Chris Hansen.


This guuuuuuuuy, thought he was coming to a house, to meet a 13 year old girl, home alone, during her birthday party. He even brought booze, which shows his intent.


I was going to the beach...


Well you see... I have the transcript. It says right here you want to blank her blank.


You know, I am just going to the beach ... *leaves house and exits front door* Cops: GET ON THE GROUND...


Oh good, Matt Gaetz is already here.




This °redditor° thought he was going to get °karma°, but instead my °editor° will be writing about about how he'll be sent to jail in a police car, Ma.


One time my mom and I were invited to a baby shower. Knock on the door (didn’t know anyone attending but the baby maker) and a women opens her door wide with a huge smile and goes hello! We say hello and walk in her house and into her living room. She’s standing at the door still, we look around. Empty. We go “oh we are here for so and so’s baby shower.......” She’s like, oh, I think you have the wrong house. It was the hosts neighbor. Omg my mom and I were so embarrassed! She was super sweet if not a little freaked (you know the “I’m smiling because I’m uncomfortable but don’t want to be rude WASP look) as we almost ran out of her house apologizing for the confusion.


This reminds me of a story my dad told me. A friend of his invited him to go round to a party when he was maybe 30 years old. He declined as he wasn't up to it however, last minute, he decided he wanted to go. So off he went. He found the house and goes in. He's standing there feeling awkward because he didn't realize it was a party with kids (he was expecting and adult party). He stands around for a bit and asks one of the other adults where he can get a beer. The dude looks at him weird because there's no alcohol at this party. My dad found out he was at the wrong place. He accidentally showed up to some random kids 5th birthday party hahaha he must have looked like such a creep.


Nah, it was obviously not your intention to show up at the wrong party. No harm, no foul


Yeah it was really a non-event fuck up with no negative outcome, other than me feeling awkward AF and super embarrassed because i could so clearly see how it must have been interpreted when i first showed up.


"That's what I love about these high school girls, I get older but they stay the same age!




I’m a mom of teenagers. I absolutely would have let this whole thing play out because ITS HILARIOUS. We were teenagers ourselves, we were in our 20s ourselves. We see the whole thing 3D from a distance. And it’s so funny.


I dont think i would have survived the embarrassment if the mum had left me hanging like that. You're a cruel lady! Having said that, as the dad of an 18month old now, i cant wait to inflict that sort of embarrassment as my son grows up so i get it.


Oh god. We wouldn’t leave you! We’d just go through the motions, just like this mom did.


I had a girl walk into my house once and we thought she was a friend of my roommates wife. She stands around for a minute and says “So, you got that stuff?” Me and my buddy are confused and she realized she had the wrong house and freaked out and left. She was a cute girl our age and my buddy tried to get her to stay and smoke weed, but she was too embarrassed. Makes me wonder who was selling drugs close to us, because it was a really nice neighborhood.


My main concern is.. the mother brought a 25yo man carrying alcohol down to her 15 yo daughters room.


"steph heres your way older looking confused friend with a vodka, have fun?"


To be fair, I am 26 and returned to university last year. I switched majors, so I was in classes with almost all freshmen and none of them believed I was that much older than them. Some people just look younger than they really are. Although the bottle of vodka in hand definitely should've been a huge red flag lmao


When I was a freshman in college I once got to talking to someone and they asked if I go to school and I said yes, I’m a freshman to which they responded “oh which ” I’m like “no I’m adult!”


I train all the new guys in my position, every time we get new guys someone brings up age, and they always thing I'm at least 30. Normally 35. I'm 23.


For me it depends on my facial hair. Clean shaven? 18, every time for the last 8 years. Stubble but no beard? 30. Beard? 23 and a hipster. Its wild how much difference facial hair can make for men


How old are you though?


I experience the same thing. I'm 29. Get ID'd for tobacco if I'm shaven. No questions asked if I'm not.


I had the exact opposite. I was a sophomore I college and met a cool chick at the public library. We talked for over an hour and she mentioned she was a freshman. It literally didn't occur to me to think anything other than college until a few parts of the conversation clicked in place and I realized she meant high school. Dodged a bullet there. And you might say, "dude, didn't the fact that she looked 14 clue you in?" No, because I went to college with a group of girls in my circle who looked like they were 12 instead of twenty. I was also homeschooled so didn't really have a lot of experience with how old people looked as they went through teenage years, cause ya know, social isolation and all that.


"Of course you are, sweetie! And in a few more years, you'll have the I.D. to prove it!"


Ikr- to her bedroom?!


Happy quinceañera, you’re a woman now.


I think the confusion happened with the way i worded my introduction to the mum. I said i was a friend of Stephs and was there for the birthday. Steph was the older sister (17-18), who was in her room, while the birthday being celebrated was for the 15 year old. If i hadve said 'im here for Stephs birthday' i think it would have been clear straight away to the mum that i was at the wrong place. Also, im in Australia, so if Steph was actually 18, thats legal drinking age here so perhaps me having vodka wasnt as big a concern if the mum thought i was friends with Steph.


Also Australian, Steph is our basic white chick name. Yell "happy birthday Steph" in a crowded bar and you'll have a dozen drunk white chicks whooing.


Hahaha it really is.


Happy birthday to all the Steph's out there, by the way!


Yeah shout out to them all. Ill be round soon, invite or not.


There is no legal drinking age in stalia, ita like russia but with more roos


I was thinking maybe he looked plausibly teenaged? And uh maybe mom was hoping it was water haha


Can confirm, am around that age and high schoolers frequently look older than me


Maybe. I could see her doing it to see the reaction on her daughters face. If that was me, I'd want to know if my daughter really knows this dude, and based on their reactions, things could get real real, real fast


haha I bet she busted out laughing afterwards and that they will remember it forever


Ill go down in family folklore as the weirdo who tried to gate crash her party by himself


LMFAO! That is hilarious. I am glad that it worked out and you didn't get in hot water with Mom, or worse Dad, or worse Five-oh. I had a similar thing happen. My family moved states many years ago and I didn't know anyone. Being 22-23, I wanted to drink and party. My brother invited me to a party, around his graduation time. Turns out it was an underage party and the chaperone was a guy I worked with sort of. That was a weird inquiry, "What are YOU doing here???" hahaha He was decent about it though.


"Hi iamnotjacksnipples, why don't you take a seat?"


FBI we good


Thanks man, glad i got the all clear


So wait, two girls had the same name and same birthday on the same street? I still believe you somehow.


I think the confusion happened with the way i worded my introduction to the mum. I said i was a friend of Stephs and was there for the birthday. Steph was the older sister (17-18), who was in her room, while the birthday being celebrated was for the 15 year old. If i hadve said 'im here for Stephs birthday' i think it would have been clear straight away to the mum that i was at the wrong place.


Lol she was about to have a conversation with her older daughter


The 15 year old was having a birthday, and she had a sister named Steph who was 17-18


Same, I normally live in “this definitely happened....”ville. But Steph is a common name, and I’ve personally crashed the wrong party on a weekend before. Not shocking enough to give me unbelievable vibes.


It was a 15 year olds birthday, not the teenage steph.


Me and some friends were at the bar once and this girl we kinda knew was saying she could have a few people over to keep drinking but we had to go downstairs cause her parents were sleeping. So me and one buddy head there at closing, everyone else that was going left earlier, but we are too drunk and screw up the address. We get to the house we think it is and quietly sneak through the main floor and down to the basement. After we get down there and get our bearings we realize we are not in the right house at all. (We were in a small town where nobody locks their doors) What a terrible feeling. We go back out the way we came careful to not make a sound. Luckily nobody woke up and tried to have us arrested for being in their house at 230 in the morning.


Less creepy, but one time during a holiday shindig at my home a lady showed up with a bottle of wine and was super cheery. Figuring she was a friend of one of our other guests I let her in because hey, she brought wine. She pets one of our extra social cats, then looks around the room and just goes "Oh my god this is the wrong party...". We just have a laugh, figured out she wanted the folks across the street and sent her off with some cookies to take to the right party. Sadly she didn't leave the wine


I've done this. There were two parties in apartments in the same hallway, but I only heard the first one from the outside and assumed that was where I was going. Rang the bell, someone who wasn't the host opened and let me in. I, a guy, walked into a room of 10 girls and didn't recognize a single face. Confusedly asked "this isn't so and so's party?", apologized and went to find the correct door.


Oh jeez this reminds me of that time I went to see my friend Jon's new house. I see his truck outside. Pulled up, grabbed my stuff, walked in looking around loudly and sing songy exclaiming he had a lot of work to do so we better get busy *bow chicka bow wow*. Guy comes down the hall and it's not Jon. I had my top all unbuttoned and feeling sexy. He laughed and said thanks but who are you?? Major embarrassment. Jon lived next door. I had to face that guy for about a year. Oops.


Happy cake day!


Jon seems to have been more than a friend


Dude was in the wrong timeline, 10 years too early


When I was younger and living at home with my parents a friend was due to come over. This friend had never been to my house before. He eventually arrives and tells me he initially went to the wrong house. Apparently the lad in the house he first went to must have had the same name as me as the father let my friend (and his friend which he brought with him) into the house and told them to wait in the lads bedroom as he was just taking a shower. So my pal (and his mate) are sat in this lads bedroom. The lad enters his room from having his shower and is like “who the fuck are you?” My pal is like “who the fuck are you?” How awkward must that have been 😂


When I was in grad school, my students (undergrads) would invite me to parties - specifically, 4Loko parties. They had no idea how old I was, evidently, and just never used their brains to do the math on that. Spoiler alert I was like 26 and they were 19yo’s, and told them that shit would kill you just about as well as drinking battery acid. Don’t know why they thought the woman teaching them Latin would be cool, but I’ll take my compliments where I can get them.


It's because you were hot and they were horny. Or if you're not hot: It's because they were horny. Really any and all bad life choices a 19-year-old makes in college can be traced either directly or indirectly to "they were horny".


It's more like 50%. As a former 19yo, I can say with certainty that I was VERY capable of making bad decisions in the few brief moments where I was not horny. Although sometimes they weren't that brief, like the time I binge-watched 19 seasons of South Park in a week instead of sleeping.


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Omg, the embarrassing must be huge


Nearly as huge as the daughter's disappointment at him taking the vodka with him. Damn moms. Always interfering


When I was in high school a friend of mind and I went to a party after a Friday night high school game. We didn’t have service, didn’t know the address, we saw a shitload of cars in front of one place figured it was the one. We march in with two 18s of Bud Light (classy) and yelling like assholes. We come face to face with about twenty sets of parents that we had known our entire lives. We just all stared at each other and Mr. ___ says “Kristen’s house is two down you idiots”. Tells my dad the next day hoooo wheeee did I catch a whooping.


Man, I also ended up at an underage party almost 20 years ago. I was 21 or 22 at the time. Everyone else was underage. It was wild because I was in town looking for a friend, but ended up riding around with his little brother trying to find him. He had suggested we stop (here) knowing good and well his brother wasn't there. Not only that, but not telling me it was a bunch of teenagers. It was awkward. I wasn't there long and the damn police showed up. So Everyone is fleeing the house into the damn woods, trying to get away. Some dude looks to his left and says...Dude, why are you running? Aren't you old enough to drink? I'm like bro, I'm the only one old enough to drink. They'll accuse me of buying the shit. He thought it was funnier than I did.


I'm just wondering why the mother ever let a 25 year old man with vodka into the door of a 15 year old's birthday party to bring to her daughter who is not of drinking age. That's one chill ass mother I gotta say.


I think the confusion happened with the way i worded my introduction to the mum. I said i was a friend of Stephs and was there for the birthday. Steph was the older sister (17-18), who was in her room, while the birthday being celebrated was for the 15 year old. If i hadve said 'im here for Stephs birthday' i think it would have been clear straight away to the mum that i was at the wrong place. Also, im in Australia, so if Steph was actually 18, thats legal drinking age here so perhaps me having vodka wasnt as big a concern if the mum thought i was friends with Steph.


Ugh. This takes me back. When I was about 20, one of my friends invited me to his girlfriend's Xmas party, said there'd be girls so I was like yeah I'm down. I get there, meet his girlfriend and I pull him aside like "dude the people here look...young" and he told me "yeah bro they're her friends from high school" In Quebec high school stops at grade 11. She was grade 10. He was my ride and I was broke with no phone so I uh...basically hid in the basement with my psp.


You never intended to get laid even if they were above 18 How do i know? Cuz you brought ur fkn PSP


You're goddamn right I brought my PSP.