My friends all have friends and I don’t.

My friends all have friends and I don’t.


Me, and the messed up part is that a few yrs ago, we were damn near inseperable, spending everyday or weekend together. Than out of nowhere, we didnt, and they spend time with their friends and they were my only friends so now im on my own. We met like 15 years ago. I hated it, always questioned our friendship, i would see them on IG with their personal group of friends., but i guess i gotta just accept they have a life outside of me and find my own lane. Im currently looking for hobbies to help me meet people, or just get out more, but i haveny made a friends in soo long, i dont even know what to do, lmao.


I totally understand. I’ve had people just ghost me out of nowhere and breaking strong friendships. Some people just change like that without looking back and it sucks. I have tried doing that, getting new hobbies, I joined grouped music lessons, organizations, sport groups. Nothing really came out of it except some pretty messed up people and then lockdown ended everything so it didn’t go very far. Honestly what helped me was joining some discord communities online sometimes. I wish you the best of luck and hope you can meet some greater people <3


You should be happy that you even have friends. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people posting to Reddit that don’t have any friends and really want anyone. So instead of looking at your situation negatively why not look at it from a different perspective ….