What is a weird keybind you have for league of legends?

What is a weird keybind you have for league of legends?


WASD as spells, Q and E as summoners


Me too! Too much momentum from years of moving characters around


Fps player checks out


Ahh yes I used wasd as well! But i use f and g for spells and q for attack move


I wouldn’t call it a keybind as such but I have 16 function mouse and have been known to play ARAM using only the mouse by mapping everything to it


I guess that you main Eve right?


No I main Urgot and Lillia but as I said I only do this in ARAM as it wouldn’t be polite to play this stupid way in normals or ranked


Mmmm, r/woosh ? (The joke is that, like all the Eve Mains, you play with one hand because, with the other one, you are admiring her beauty.)


Ah I forgot the community is full of horny 13 year olds my bad but you might need to brush up on your jokes and realise some of them don’t translate well in text form


Wow, Why are you so agressive? The Eve joke is literally the most common joke regarding Eve, i didn't invent it. Although English isn't my first language, it should still be understandable the joke.


T for M7 mastery emote. Usually use it at same time as my R


I’ve got M7 on my scroll wheel click


and now after reading this comment I also have set M7 to my scroll wheel click.


I already had it as scroll wheel click


I play the game like an fps. WASD for moving camer and Q + E + mouse buttons for spells and summoner spells. 1 2 z x f for items


I have played the game for 3.5 years now, and I'm just learning there exists keyboard commands for camera movement.




Adc main?


Y for shop and A for f2


~ for camera lock/unlock


That’s shop for me. Sometimes I forget its not default.


Shift and ctrl + click for pings and alt + rightclick for attack move


zxcv for normal casting all abilities, 3 for ping wheel, 3rd item slot on mouse thumb button, F1 for mastery emote.


Lmfao, you're all over the place


I have an mmo mouse and just use those side keys for all my abilities. My keyboard is only used for items and activating quickcast


I guess X for pink wards


I have a G502 where I map my summoners to the side buttons and my main warding button is the "sniper button" on the left side. I also use the spacebar and T for my active items


alt 1,2,3,4 for leveling up abilities cause control is uncomfortable to reach


U for "enemy ward here" They didn't have a default keybind for that, I picked one that was open.


I set my ability level ups to ZXCV for QWER.


I binded alt to level up spells, since you can easily press it with your thumb whilst keeping spell casting fingers on your spells. This way u can get that sweet level up mid fight. Also I rebound Stop (S) to laugh since it does the same thing but funnier.


When i first started playing, i didnt know holding the G key brought up the other pings, so i use YGHNM keys for specific pings (“omw”, “be careful”, “someone’s missing”, etc.)


I have a Key just for control wards. Super helpful


Flash on space


WASD: move camera QERF: abilities Shift + QERF: level up abilities CV: summoner spells 1-6: active items if any


I’ve rebinded almost every skill. ASDF for spells, ER for summoners, T for first item active, C target champs only. I tried the defaults for a couple months back in season 1-2 and it never felt natural. Homerow just makes sense to me


I am also left handed and...what?? If your index is on Q then half your hand isn't even on the keyboard anymore.


Lmao you got the wrong idea, my right hand is the one on my keyboard


CTRL+SPACE/1/2/3/4 instead of F1/2/3/4/5


Mouse wheel clicked in to to move the camera with the directions inverted. Played too much Total War and now its the only way I can comfortably control a camera


H for the enemy vision. In my mind “H” stands for here meaning enemy has vision right here.


Some Asian kogma player had z to move and x for move attack


R is my attack move button, T is my Ult


I have flash on X


R is attack closest target and T is ult


WASD moves my camera, i always hated how you had to move your mouse so far from your target to move the camera while trying to pull off mechanical stuff, so my abilities are on 1234, ss is F and G, and my items/trinket are QERT5


I mapped my first active item slot to space. It's just comfortable to smash space bar to activate your key active item


T for trinket


CapsLock for focusing camera on my champ (I play with unlocked camera) and space for attack move. That way I can use my thumb on space to kite and my pinky on CapsLock to focus on my champ if I need.


Had a bad habit in S5(6?) Of opening the shop, and like to spam keys like esc and tab just to tap buttons. I would shop while backing though, and died a lot due to it. To remedy this, I switched my shop key to comma. Have gotten used to it now, and never changed it. Also, never die shopping. Also, have all of my pings bound to Z-C. Z is OMW, X is danger, C is assistance.


I changed back recently, but for almost a year I was using a thumb button on my mouse to drag scroll the camera instead of moving my mouse to the edge of the screen. That's probably the "weirdest" keybind, everything else is default or fairly standard.