I just want more episodes to watch

I just want more episodes to watch


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It only has two seasons because the creators aren’t scumbags who try and milk their series


That and what are they going to make the other series on? (I'm not saying what it should be on due to spoilers)


If they were to make something I think they should make a show separate from the first one where dipper and mable come back to gravity falls after the school year. But other than that I don’t know


They could do a series on Gruncle Stan and Gruncle Ford either as kids growing up or them on their adventures that they went on after the show


i would love to see a moreso adult oriented show with grown up dipper being a monster hunter and mabel being mabel but older


That would be really cool. It would be amazing for them to make a Gravity Falls like show but more adult (also, love the username)


wubba lub dub dub


Gravity: The Fallen


> and mabel being mabel but older Yes


The show kinda encapsulates that glorious time in your life when you starting to grow up, but still have that magic of youth. Dipper said it best. "Things change, summer ends."


But that would be an entirely diffrent cartoon


With the kids idea the could go on investigations and try and solve mysteries too even if there isn't any real danger, kinda like Scooby-Doo. With the after the show idea I guess it would just be a spinoff but with some recurring characters and stuff like that. Sure it would be a different show but some of the core themes, messaging, and creativity could stay the same


Spin-offs aren't the same as original, but close enough... but what the hell would it be called?


Im not good with naming things but for both of them they could just name the show "Pines". it's simple but I feel that it would work. It's not too long and it relates to the main characters


Or "Gravity Falls : Pine's Stories"


I would love to see that, I think we all would


I’d prefer the adult one. You can really undermine characters emotional growth by showing them as kids before major plot points as adults.


Idk I want to see Mabel Pines grown up. I need her particular view of optimism in my day-to-day endeavors.


I would’ve loved a series about Ford and Stan on their ship




They’d kinda turn into young Stanley and Stanford


They could have made an additional season with more "early adventures" and spreading the main story a little over three seasons. Yes that would be milking, but I did enjoy the side stories very much and would have loved more. Can't do that now, anyways...


I wouldn’t be upset it there was even just a series of shorts of Dipper and Mabel’s wackey daily lives


I agree with you. When more seasons are made it kinda becomes quantity over quality. Great shows like Breaking Bad wouldn’t be as good as they are if they were 19 seasons long. Instead, 5 seasons is enough and the show is good.


I always felt that shows should end by maximum season 7. 6 is the best cutoff


Yeah I mean definitely depends if it’s more just episodic or actually plot driven with an end goal in mind. Gravity falls is the very definition of plot driven so it makes sense they had only 2 seasons. For a show like adventure time which is very episodic but also has a bit of plot I think a lot of seasons make sense


were they really plot driven? they had major plot points sprinkled throughout but you don't need to watch every episode to understand the story or the ending.


And a movie


Mr. Robot was clearly written from start to end to tell a specific story. 4 seasons long.


It was. It was originally a movie, and when it turned into a series, all 4 seasons were adapted from the 4 acts of the original script. Everything was already planned.


The silliest thing of all convinced me of that fact: They didn't use Styx's Mr. Roboto until the literal last episode.


That show has amazing attention to detail, all the little things that change when elliot is on screen are great.


Same with the good place. 4 seasons was the plan from the start


I don't know, I really feel like they should have extended to 3 seasons. Would love to have seem a slower drifting apart of Mabel and Dipper, and explore the origin and ideas of the magic circle. Especially how each character fit their symbol. I always felt the ending was rushed. The break between the twins that initiated the end game felt sudden and the magic circle, something that had been hinted at throughout the series, just became a quickly implemented Deus ex machina. The show deserved, and honestly needed, to go for three seasons.


Plus summer is 3 months long. One season per month. I think Hirsch knew he wouldn’t get an S3 and wrapped it up nicely, but it would have benefited from a little more breathing room.


I've read that the creator was getting burned out and the show was originally set for 3 seasons. It's very noticeable half way through season 2 where the plot goes into overdrive.


The creator said he knew he couldn't make more than two season after the first season. They were already running out of ways to stretch out the story.


Quality >>>>> Quantity


I love short, high quality series that you can complete in a few binges. Especially since it's easier to get your friends to join when there's less "commitment."


True but south park has 24 quality seasons


Trey and Matt have a very special writing method that wouldn't work on any other series. They make the script for each episode the same week it airs, and it's only possible thanks to the simple animation they use.


i love how south park is simple yet really amazing to watch, i'd never get bored tbh


Yep, Matt and Trey are just really funny guys. And they're good people too, after they made fun of Scientology, they sent people to spy then and try to gather dirt on them to blackmail them. They didn't find a thing.


They showed up to the Oscars in a dress and tripping on LSD. It's not that there isn't dirt, but they proudly admit it all so it's useless for blackmail.


South Park is more of an ongoing social commentary than a series. Similar reason the Simpsons can still go on after all these years.




Disney didn't help with that either


Makes me want to try it in fact.


someone who milks his series is a scumbag? lol


Me with Avatar the Last Airbender, and how there's only 3 seasons


And then korra... we dong talk about korra


The ending of season 2 was the biggest mishmash of women power and bullshit I had ever seen.


True. I'm not saying that I'm against the feminist movement, but the execution was just so bad


As a guy who's sat through most of the show, that ending came out between nowhere and left field like a truck. The first time I've audibly yelled "WHAT" at a show


Not to mention there is no scaling of conflict whatsoever. Literally fights a world ending superpower in the first two seasons, then the last season where she's supposedly mastered her powers and becomes fully realized, gets her ass kicked by *literally just an ordinary earthbender* multiple times


>then the last season where she's supposedly mastered her powers and becomes fully realized You clearly had a very difficult time following the plot of season 3.


And season 2. One of the big plot points is the avatar cycle preceding her was essentially destroyed


Not to mention she was nearly fatally wounded and became physically disabled for MONTHS? She was literally comatose and then was in a WHEELCHAIR. Of course she's going to struggle after her return lmao


Agreed, this person clearly only wants bigger explosions and doesn’t care about emotional and mental conflicts. Also, Kuvira is not just some ordinary earthbender. She’s a metal-bending prodigy who controlled one of the strongest economies in the world at the time. She had an army behind her.


Woah what happened with Kuvira


She made a rock empire


She made fascism with rocks and pink reality destroying lasers.


She was incredibly weakened by Zaheer in the end of season 3, so her power was nowhere near what it used to be. Kuvira is very far from 'just an ordinary earthbender', especially when she's piloting a mech the size of a skyscraper with a death ray attached to it.


Cus she has mercury in her body, and she’s all fucked up from it, not to mention super rusty from having spent all her time going through physical rehabilitation and not fighting, and traumatized from almost being killed and ending the avatar cycle.


The deus ex machina of Jinora is what did it for me. It is so ridiculous with absolutely no explanation other than, "Oh she's just naturally more spiritual". I don't know what the writers were thinking on season 2, maybe they weren't at all.


Arguably the same could be said for Aang meeting a mythical beast, learning energy bending, and a rock hitting his spine perfectly.


Korra as a whole was just a shitshow. They got rid of everything that made the world of Avatar cool and replaced it with technology (stuff like Earthbender powered trains and the like). And then they got rid of the previous Avatars in season 2, horrible choice. And the only good villains were Zaheer and Amond, only half your villians being well written characters isn't very encouraging.


I forgot what the ending to season 2 was.


Alright well huge spoiler ahead >!the daughter of the air bending son somehow has mega spiritual powers and yoinks the very dead spirit of good from the spirit of bad, which is huge. She then puts the good spirit back in korra, korra becomes huge and then the 2 huge spirit boys throw down with korra winning and locking away the evil spirit.!<


Oh my god I forgot about that 😂 Korra was a goddamn mess


Wasn't that the season when they really starting listening to the fandom? I remember Tumblr being a really big thing back then.


Uh, tf we don't? Korra has some low points but overall it's very good.


I think he means what the studio interference with the show.


I respectfully disagree.


3 and 4 were pretty good tho


Well, season 3 is very good, comparable to ATLA, but seasons 1 and 4 are meh and season 2 is a shitstorm


Guru rahima is the shit


Guru rahima balls


S4 would’ve been good if only nick didn’t cut their budget


The show should’ve been planned for multiple seasons from the start. Part of the issue with Korra’s plotting is the creators never knew they would be making more seasons so each season becomes almost an isolated story, unlike TLA which is very well plotted as a 3 season show. I think if the creators knew they were doing 4 seasons from the start then Korra would’ve been more consistent.


The fucking 3D robot is just out of place. I love LoK, one of my all time faves, but the 3D shit in the last season is not the best


Korra was fine imo. The one thing I had a problem with was whatever the hell happened in season 2


And season 1 love square


Dong talk?? 😳😳


> we dong talk about korra you mean you wanna talk about Korra's dong?


Yes obviously, and everyone else here is just msging about how korras books but im just here for the dong


Korra was fantastic imo


It's not that bad if you don't compare it to the original


Book 3 was by favorite for Korra but book 2 should never be bought up


The way I explain it, season one was fine. Two was so bad it set back the second coming of christ by at least a decade. Three was so God-tier magnificent that it couldn't be shown on TV afterwards. Four was fine.


Season 1 and 3 were good.


The price is length, the result is perfection


So true, why would anyone want to change a perfect series?


Avatar studios though! Hype


Yeah there aren't any movies too.


Good thing too, I doubt even a well known director would be capable of handling the movie in a decent manner that reflects the source material with equal care and quality.


Honestly, if they *had* to make a movie, I think M. Night Shyamalan could probably do a good job with it. He seems like he’d know what he’s doing.


Better to end things as a champ than to fizzle out and be remembered for not sticking the landing. Looking at you Attack on Titan.


Honestly, I think AoT has only gotten better as it’s gone on. They keep trying new things, and the direction they are going in season 4 is very promising.


*cries in ended manga*






I’m guessing you haven’t read the manga.


I... I liked the ending :|


I respect your opinion. It just wasn’t personally my thing.


Yeah I'll admit the ending did lower it on my list of favorites a few notches, but overall the series was still amazing.


I think the ending would have worked a lot more if they built up Eren and Mikasa's relationship way more than the typical shonen manner. Maybe the anime can fix that. I still liked it, but there was too much going on at the last minute.


I'm waiting for the anime ending for my final thoughts, anime adaptation might do it better pacing-wise.


He's talking about the source material, homie. Poor guy has to find out in a year.


The series is complete (the manga atleast).And those final chapters ( the extra pages they added awhile ago) completely ruined the entire series. Honestly I would say to just stop reading the manga after chapter 138 and leave the rest to your imagination.


He said that because of the way it ended


Aot doesn't really fit that comparison imo, there is no point before the end it could of finished and gone out as a champ, I'm fact regardless of your opinion of the ending, it would of gotten worse if it continued on, the story as a whole is pretty tightly packed and well told, with the only controversy being the ending. A way better example would be death note, where it goes downhill drastically after L dies


Yea should've ended right after he dies...but alas...


At least for DN, the manga is still pretty decent after that point.


123 could've worked


The whole series is so fucking good and well-written, >!but holy shit, was that remade ending a fucking leap into the abyss. You'd think that when a highly controversial ending happens and you decide to add some extra pages, you at least improve on the good parts of it, not flush them down the toilet.!<


I didn't like the ending, but the rest of season 4 was actually epic.


Yeah but feel it coulda got 2 or 3 more season with out running in to the ground. Like regular show, witch was great throughout it entire run and had a great ending, And RS had 8 seasons. But then again Steve universe had like 6 seasons and really fell apart towards the end. So I don't know I just wish it got atleast one more season.


Tbf I'd rather see it end in 2 seasons than get prolonged for 8 seasons and abrubtly stop with a shitty ending.


#Right?!? Like come on!!


What about regular show which had a great ending and a very consistently great run. As well a 8 whole seasons.


I would put Adventure Time over Regular Show but they were both great.


Even in that case, adventure time had 10 seasons.


No one can touch adventure time man, they even came out with a follow up show distant lands that’s more adult themed


I personally though most of the time in space was worse than the previous seasons


I mean personally while I think it wasn’t the best, it still had its moments where it was great


But who has a better story than bran the broken?!?


maybe we should have let the Night King win...


I just... I weep




You’re still here.


he never goes away. He was here the moment we were born, and he will be here the moment we die


Best 2 seasons ever


> kids cartoon series I don't think we watched the same show mate


[silly jokes for kids](https://youtu.be/IGt87p9Xt-I)


Metal af.


It was made for kids, adults enjoying it won’t change the main target age.


Yes thank you. You can enjoy things even if they are meant for kids (Clone wars comes to mind)


It appeals to all audiences, like Gold Chains for Old Men magazine


I didn’t realize it was only 2 seasons. I hate when I constantly hear about a show and when I go to watch it there is 600 episodes, like one piece or bleach. I don’t want to start that far behind.


Its like a seasonal anime which makes it nice to digest Your point is also very logical and based


based on what


based on my dick


One piece at least really sucks you in, so it doesn't feel that long once you start it. Also, there's some filler, and there's a section called dressrosa where you should probably just read the manga Edit: you should go back to the anime for the rest of it, in case that wasnt clear


“Kyros you’re alive” *cuts to flashback for the 80th time* “Dad?”


When I started watching One Piece, I didn’t even think about watching 900 episodes. Only the first 50 (first saga), because that’s what I promised a friend. At about 40 I knew this is a journey I’ll see to the very end. I suggest trying the first 50 episodes, after watching you think it’s not for you? No worries there.


They released episodes at random (without any rhyme or reason) for 4 years. That's why it felt that they had like 4 seasons per year for 4 years straight.


Better to stop than turn it into unwatchable shit like the new series of Simpsons


Dude, the Simpsond turned into unwatchable shit like two decades ago.


But man those early seasons...


Tracy Ullman...


Still there is an acceptable range. And I don't think gravity fall quite reached the satisfaction minimum of about 4 seasons. It doesn't have do be 32 seasons just a bit more than 2, Maybe even just a movie.


2 season for 2 months of vacation


40 episodes, if each episode is usually just one day then it fits comfortably in that time frame. Better than Phineas and Ferb cramming 4 seasons and over 200 episodes into 104 days of vacation. > "I know what you mean, Ferb. It does feel like more than 104 days." > "This summer just keeps going on and on and it feels like it has been going on for, like, four years!"


Some people call it, 'wummer'


Phineas and ferb would like a word


in case you miss gravity falls, here are 2 shows which are made by the guys who worked on gravity falls and they are amazing the owl house Amphibia




Amphibia season 1 is a slow burn that gradually sets up the characters and world building until the massive payoff in the season finale, IMO it works better if you just watch a couple episodes a day rather than in a binge. You could probably skip most of it (1, 10, 19, and 20 are the most important), but I would argue that the ending hits harder if you have seen all of it.


I prefer Amphibia


At least it ended unlike some shows today


I just watched them again and again as a kid


“As a kid” damn I’m getting old..


I want a spin off that shows what uncle ford was doing on his travels through other dimensions after he got sucked into the portal. it's probably not gonna happen and I can respect when a creator doesn't just keep milking an idea, but it's still cool to think about


They could do this with a comic book series. That would be dope!


Just as Gravity Falls told us: **Summer has to end inevitably**


Honestly if there was more than 2 seasons like 10 or 12 the fan will whine about it like: ThEy RuInEd ThE sHoW i MiSs SeAsOn 2 WhEn EvErYtHiNg WaS gReAt.


I keep saying this to people there are numbers between 2 and 10. It doesn't have to be the Simpsons or SpongeBob. It only needed one or two more seasons to explore gravity falls.


I don't think it's a coincidence that some of the greatest shows ever made (imo) have less than 5 seasons and many once great shows people tend to point to around season 6 as when it all fell apart, just a pattern I've noticed after watching _way_ too much tv then reading opinions online. If a show goes on much longer the writers tend to struggle with characters getting flanderized and plots repeat themselves, relationships break just to be reformed. The scope has to change, they start doing time-jumps, bringing characters back from the dead. Tellin ya, 5 is the magic number.


For anyone that misses Gravity Falls, Amphibia is pretty much the spiritual successor to the show, it’s on Disney+ in some regions. It’s really underrated and deserves to be recognised


Amphibia is pretty good but I'd say Owl House is even more so, at least up to the point I've seen in each.


One word. Lumity.


I have only seen the first season of each, and I think Owl House is better but Amphibia's season 1 finale gives it way more potential to grow into something much greater. That ending! I have heard season 2 of Amphibia is really good, but I'll have to wait until it's on Disney+ to watch it.


I would also recommend infinity Train. It has a lot of the mystery of gravity falls, great characters and writing, and is, in my opinion, even better than gravity falls


And for regions that don't, you only need a vpn for when you're starting the show, it doesn't pause or stop you from playing the next episode if you just immediately disconnect, so free vpns with limited data work fine. I can recommend one but I don't want this to sound like an ad Well that's my experience, at least


Check out amphibia and owl house then! Gravity fall's creator is in owl house and folks from gravity falls work on both shows.


The absolute greatest 2 seasons!


I’ve seen this so many times this is a repost for sure




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It's not actually a sequel, but you could watch The Owl House. Was created by Dana Terrace (who dates Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls), with animators from Gravity Falls and Alex Hirsch also voicing a character. It's a really great series with similar style to Gravity Falls, and it's receiving a second season this week


Can I recomend you The owl house


Hmm while I will certainly happy to see the show continue, I am also afraid that the new season will ruin the whole franchise. So I guess the best thing is to keep it end, the ending was pretty satisfied already.


Clone High as well :(




Maybe they stopped because they knew they could not make anything as good as the previous seasons.


It's honestly perfect with the amount of time that they spend with it. I find so many things get ruined when creators (or more likely, the people in charge) try to milk a series.


I just want it on Netflix again, not on fucking Disney Plus and Amazon ...


I never really watched it as a kid, but it always seemed to be on. Just a few months ago when I figured I might watch it, I booted up Disney+ and was shocked, it really felt like there was a good 3-5 seasons there.


20 episodes per season is a lot considering most anime's run about 11-13 episodes and get around 1 or 2 seasons max


We'll meet again...


Better for it to end instead of go on so long the creators run out of ideas and the show just goes to shit.


The story don't need continuation, it's completed and making new series is just... Why? Only maybe about new summer holidays, but what the point if everyone knows everybody and main villain is defeated


Best Show ever


if ur looking for a show that’s pretty much the love child of gravity falls and south park? i recommend camp camp. it’s completely free on youtube and there are currently 4 seasons. a really good binge.