Do people really have an inner dialogue?

Do people really have an inner dialogue?


My inner dialogue is far better than what comes out of my mouth, if at all


Keep in mind, this can be fairly deceptive. On one level, speaking has a mechanical aspect to it, so if you’re unpracticed at it, that can get in the way of properly voicing your thoughts in a fluid manner. You also need to make sure you’re not speaking faster than your thoughts are forming which, obviously, you don’t have to worry about in your inner monologue because you can’t think faster than you’re thinking. But on another level, your inner monologue lets you get away with a lot of things you can’t when speaking. You don’t need to provide context for your thoughts to make sense because you already know your own context. You don’t have to worry about word choice or phrasing because you always know precisely what you intend to mean. And you can do things like repeat a thought in different ways to nail down what you really mean, restart sentences or drop a sentence half-way through to jump to a new thought without ever feeling like you’re missing anything or have dropped the thread of your thoughts. As soon as you start speaking out loud, you become aware of how the things you are saying sound to someone else and the semi-confused jumble that is the normal process of thinking no longer cuts it. The things you can fudge and still sound completely fluid and eloquent to yourself with in your head can’t be fudged out loud.


What an absolutely excellent response. This is the best thing I’ve read on here. So very well done.


Yeah that guy smashed it. He should post more on Reddit.


Now the thought process version!


I also choose this guy's reddit post.


> You don’t need to provide context for your thoughts to make sense because you already know your own context. Sorry I'm a deadbeat and can't afford to give you gold. This is an awesome response. This is the part my ex-wife never understood. She always treated me like I was an idiot because I didn't know what the hell she was talking about and she couldn't comprehend that I didn't automatically understand every word of what she was trying to explain. She would get so fucking mad at me when I asked her to explain something further. Well I'm not in your head. I don't know what you're trying to explain. You need to be clearer. I've never had issues with anyone else. Just her.


I’m a writing professor. I see this a lot in writing (and communication in general) and many are not even conscious of it. I spend at least one lecture every semester on first recognizing that what you communicate will always make sense to you, but not always to the recipient/audience. I do my best to teach them a “second voice”, one in which they are cognizant of their audience’s perceptions, biases, knowledge, etc. It can be tough, because many of them have never consciously thought of the recipient in communication for 2 decades by the time I try to reach them. So much in life could be made simpler if we were more cognizant of the other in our communication. It leads to a lot of misunderstandings, ineffectiveness, frustration, etc.


It was incredibly frustrating. I'm not a stupid person. I've never had issues understanding people or learning new things. Until I met my wife. Then I suddenly became the stupidest and most incompetent person she'd ever met. I tried so many times to get her to see that I wasn't in her head. I didn't have the context to understand what she was trying to get across. It was her job to give me that context. She was never able to understand that though. Instead she just kept getting madder and madder.


Sounds like you dodged a big one. I can relate, and breaking free was the best thing that ever happened to me.


I wouldn't say I dodged it unfortunately. Six years of marriage and two kids but at least I'm out of the relationship now. Struggling financially to say the least but nonetheless I'm much happier and finally excited to think about my future again.


Well you got shot but dodged the other bullets


You got shit on, but only some of it stuck.


that definitely sounds like a *her* problem not a *you* problem. you seem perfectly coherent and intelligent in these comments so i hope you didn’t internalize her bullshit. best of luck to you looking for greener, less shit-covered pastures.


It was hard not to internalize it. I fought against it hard. I've been relatively successful in my professional life and throughout the course of my marriage to her I made some significant progress in my career so that really helped. That really helped me think "well I can't be THAT stupid if my colleagues and peers think I'm smart and competent". Once I realized the issue was on her end it became much easier. Still fucking sucked though. Six years of my life gone. Now I'm almost 40 and it feels like my life is just starting. I'm taking that as a positive though. I have my own place and I get to see my daughters a lot. Lots of cuddles and "I love you daddy's". I'm a happy man.


not "I'm almost 40 and my life just starting" more like "I got through all the bullshit and im not even 40!" more like awesome, you got 40+ years of sweet sweet freedom ahead of you! AND the legacy's taken care of!


Haha. I like the way you think.




I’m glad you are aware of it and try to correct it! It’s a very natural thing to do. Developing the ability to put one’s self in another’s shoes, see the world through their views, be able to reset yourself back into a more limited knowledge of an area you are highly proficient in, is tough to do. (I cannot tell you how many literal geniuses I know who teach that are completely ineffective because they don’t understand communication.) It also doesn’t help that in our society, empathy is sometimes seen as weakness or not even pursued because of self-centeredness. It is a real problem and it might be the pessimist in me, but it seems as if this is getting worse as time goes on.


My favorite is the refusal to clarify the most significant piece of information because the author thinks all the other information should be enough to pull it all together. Yet the author isn't aware that the rest of so called information is within a context only understood wholly by the author and not provided either. What a rabbit hole that becomes for the audience.


Am I the only one who sometimes provides context in my inner thoughts and then suddenly I'm like "wait why am I thinking about this I *know* this


I was just about to comment the same thing, I do it all the time


To the last paragraph, I think I have issues with that since I naturally speak very fast & erratically, I think a mile a minute & I can start talking aloud without context & I find myself often jumping into another unrelated topic mid conversation so it seems my same inner dialogue is spoken aloud. I need adult speech therapy & don't know where or how to find it, I have Asperger's Syndrome which is why I do all of that, accompanied by Bipolar Disorder, where the high energy doesn't help so I frequently give people anxiety when I talk to them & they're trying to keep up with me. I am grateful my significant other puts up with it & as much as it is irritating, he understands the struggle. It's a bit different when I text or write comments since I have time to slow down & think about what I want to say though I still tend to trail off.


"because you can't think faster than you're thinking." Oh BOY do I have news for you. As someone with ADD, I outpace my own thoughts d a i l y.


My inner dialogue is a mean hateful spiteful petty bitch.


So is mine. It's not nice


It doesn’t have to be! You deserve kind thoughts!


I could not have said that better ... lol


Right? One of the best "pen to paper" responses I've seen on here.


Seriously. That was outstanding!


Im Croatian but my inner dialogue is english


Same, plus add uncondusive mannerisms and monotone Shit, maybe I need a speech therapist oh my god why am I just realizing this


I talk to myself every day




when I’m in the shower all I do is say ‘wow you’re dumb for abc, or congrats on this’ have you ever had a screamo concert with yourself?? That’s all good I’m a car or something alone in the middle of the night? I’m not crazy it’s therapeutic


I'm a maladaptive daydreamer so I'm constantly imagining, showers are a big trigger. So much so that I usually take them with my partner so that I stay grounded


Oh god yes I talk and argue with myself all the time. I even call myself by my first name. Like sometimes ill be like, I'll be wondering where something is and I'll be like idk anon where is that thing. It's always felt weird. If I do something stupid I'll be like wow anon that was really stupid. Then back to myself, like myself self will be like wow I think you're going to far man it wasn't that stupid. All these conversations. Especially when I'm high I'll have entire conversations with myself that lead to really good conclusion imo sadly I don't write them down which I probably should and I just forget it (high me might just think they're good conclusions). The good conclusions always felt like something that could be good to change in myself though so I really need to more often lol. Long rant thanks for reading. I should probably note I'm autistic and I've never had many friends this is why I could have developed this so much Idk know? Probably doesnt matter.


Try referring to your self as captain! Its improved my mental health


Sometimes a word or two slips out out loud.


I also have full conversations and arguments with myself - and not always about real things either. Sometimes just about scenarios that will likely never even happen? Overall though, I would definitely describe my thoughts as a continuous internal dialogue


There's no Problem with talking to yourself, problem arises when you're talking to people that aren't there.


I talk to myself constantly, and while doing so, I make facial expressions that match my inner dialogue, which throws everyone off around me because the look on my face won't match the situation in front of me. Also, I use my hands when thinking to myself. My physical actions are no different when I think to myself or when I am speaking to others. And I am very expressive physically.


I talk to the dumber version of myself that lives in my head




really? my innerself is a smartass and criticizes everything i do. IF U KNOW SO MUCH, WHY NOT ACT ON IT YOU POS. "did u really do that? omg u did, act sorry u dumbfuck"


All day every day


It's usually the best conversation I have all day


Me too!!


Yes, my inner dialogue is constantly "on". I rarely have moments of mental silence. When I spoke to my parents about it, my dad, who constantly talks out loud to himself while working, said he has no inner monologue. I have to wonder if he talks to himself because his (lack of) inner monologue isn't "talking".


Conversely, sometimes I need to talk out loud to organize the inner dialogue/voice/thoughts because there’s just so much going on internally.


I do that too! The physical me that says it out loud is kind of silencing and organizing the many tiny me's in my head that are all speaking at the same time.


I love this metaphor, it certainly feels like this sometimes.


Me too, I’m always talking or repeating song lyrics


Me too! I feel like my inner dialogue is more like an inner soundtrack constantly with the lyrics and songs stuck in my head! Comes in handy to calm my mood :))


Same here, my mind is basically hearing myself talk literally nonstop for the entire day. I also have mild aphantasia, which means that I don't see pictures in my head aside from some vague, grayscale outlines. I can't picture a loved one's face, but I can instantly generate a vivid, verbal list of their physically characteristics.


I took a class about child psychology and there is a phenomena where children (around 3 to 5, I think) are constantly speaking aloud their thought process. Apparently they haven't developed an inner monologue yet so they have to speak it outwardly. Speaking aloud our thoughts will always be useful to organize our thinking, though. I'm not saying your dad is immature. Just thought it was relevant.


Interesting! I attributed it to an extrovert thing; he's so used to taking to others that he naturally talks to himself.


Ive spent the past 3 years or so stoned constantly just to get mine to shut the fuck up


Yeah bud I'm in like year 7 and mine is talking now more than ever lol


I also experience a constant flow of inner dialogue, and I also occasionally talk to my self. Found out this year that I have adhd, which made so much sense lol


Yes, I think in basically complete sentences all of the time


Sometimes I forget that I don’t actually have to fully explain a concept inside my head when I’m thinking about it.




lol I’ve never heard someone voice this but I experience it all the time. Sometimes I’ll catch myself thinking “Alright this is going to be difficult to explain..” only to realize that I don’t need to explain myself to myself, I already get whatever concept I was think of lol


LOL, yep. "Wait, it doesn't matter if I can think of that word or not because I already know what I mean."


Yep. Same here. Full sentences and full conversations at times too. Edited to:change conversions to conversations. Hahahaha


Yes I be doing maths in my head too




“Yup, pretty much” - me internally


recently a friend of mine told me that some people dont have a inner monologue/inner voice at all and I was baffled. How is that possible? why?what where? it could be chill and cool though


I remember reading about it on here and it blew my mind to the point of barely being able to comprehend it. I wonder if there's been any research done on it and if there's any links to character traits or whatever.


I think I change between both things so neither seem weird to me. Sometimes I’m thinking just with concepts and sometimes I’m thinking with words. Usually I change to words when I’m thinking about something more complex, I think.


I think that is probably more common than someone who never has any kind of monologue with themselves.


Yeah, probably. Still for me it sounds way more normal to not have a monologue than ONLY having a monologue ALL THE TIME. Sounds so noisy, hahaha.


It is very noisy, it can really get in the way sometimes. Couple that with ringing in your ears and you might think you’re going crazy at points.


God I can't even imagine that kind of nightmare. Imagine seeing a cute cat and instead of getting the idea/thought that the cat is very cute and hoping it comes over to say hi, you get "wow what a cute catto, I hope that chonker wants to say hello. Oh damn he's walking away, I must have spooked him like I spook everyone. I am so lonely. "


Imagine waking up thirsty and instead of instantly deciding to go to the kitchen you think with fully formed words: “oh boy, I sure am thirsty! I think maybe I should go to the kitchen and fetch myself a glass of some cold beverage”. And your body is like “dude just water me wtf”


I think I also have both an inner voice dialogue & use abstract thoughts & images I never once thought about that but now I've discovered it's possible to be either or. Very very interesting.


About 25% of people don't, and only 25% of people do all the time: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/pristine-inner-experience/201110/not-everyone-conducts-inner-speech


Is there any correlation or data as to why


That was a fascinating series of articles. Thanks for posting.


My mind was blown when I found out people actually *have* inner monologues. How the hell do you guys not go crazy? I don’t hear a damn thing in my head and my thoughts weigh me down enormously.


After reading some of the replies I'm starting to think perhaps we are actually the crazy one's. Give me an example of what goes on in your head in day to day situations and I'll try to do the same.


When I wake up, I’ll feel tired and uncomfortable (I work a lot and have sleep issues/anxiety). I know I need to check my phone for messages, and I try to remember if I’m forgetting about a meeting or appointment. These thoughts don’t register as words I can hear (“I need to get up”), but as feelings, images, impulses, and just a tacit understanding that I need to rouse myself from bed, and that I hate this feeling of being stressed out first thing in the morning. That in turn might propel me into thoughts about how I really need to learn to manage my stress levels, sleep earlier, and not take on so many responsibilities. But I don’t hear these thoughts as words—they’re just ideas floating on my consciousness that resound within my body in a way that elicits emotion: more stress, anxiety, frustration, curiosity. I might even get a brief flash of images—my mind might go to what I should be doing next, like putting on my clothes or making breakfast. But I hear no words. At most, I’ll hear a far away voice that says, “Get up!” but that’s mostly a conscious effort on my part. Like I decided to tell myself that. If I’m not mistaken, most people with inner monologues hear a voice whether they’d like to or not, and it comes automatically.


Oh wow. Fascinating. Definitely starting to think I'm the weird one though. For me I guess it is like having a conversation in my head. Not literally through every action and at every moment but most of the time. For example, before I was cooking and one of my tomatoes were off. The words in my head were literally "well if this one's off, they're all going to be off." Then I had a song in my head, I remembered what I used to think the lyrics were and again, it was fully constructed sentences in regards to that. It gets even weirder than that because there's another level, almost like an observer of the thoughts. I'll think of something, let's say for example something miserable then again with words I'll think "where the fuck did that come from" or I'll make myself laugh, again from this perspective of just observing it. In regards to what you said to waking in the morning to make it a bit more relatable, I've had times where I'll think "Fuck, here we go again. Ten more minutes then I'll get up. I really can't be bothered to see (insert person)." Then I could go off on a tangent thinking about that person, or thinking about if I could get away with phoning in sick etc. It's not that I'm just incredibly lonely or anything neither. I've just been like this since I was a kid. I've been fortunate enough to always have friends, always have relationships. Regardless if I'm around people it's always the same, sometimes to the point of getting lost in my thoughts if I'm just idling in an environment around other people.


I also read some people have no "minds eye" no images possible ect just thoughts. People are amazing and while lacking either might seem odd im assuming someone without either of them would be as confused at the prospect of having them since they never had them in the first place.


I learned about the "mind's eye" thing not being a metaphor through reddit about a year ago, and am still not entirely convinced that we don't all mean the same thing but express it differently. I can't *see* things inside my head, but I can relate to concepts I am familiar with. I'd sooner compare this to an inner monologue than an actual image, though. My wife swears she actually does hallucinate voluntarily inside her head, however. To me, seeing stuff requires your eyes to be open, and even then what you see is determined by what's in front of you. Anything else sounds like magic to me.




Some of us can actually project images when our minds are clear. Like yes, it's hard to control, but I can absolutely see a person I miss or something in my mind, especially if I close my eyes. I understand it's kinda like trying to imagine what it'd be like if you could see out of your elbow, but it's kinda what it feels like in my opinion.


I can't physically see it. But I can also do more than think of what it looks like. My brain makes the image and then looks at it, all mental. Less than seeing, more than just thinking. Like a hologram in my head that I just see inside.


Think about it like when you look at a bright light for a little time you get an afterimage of it everywhere. Now imagine that light is a memory of a picture you saw that's written in your memory. For me it's like that, I can remember an image of something and play around with that image in my head as if it was Photoshop, usually it ends up fizzling along with my thoughts. For example when Im trying to find my way around the city I can remember how the area looked like in google maps and imagine myself in it.


It isn't "seeing" necessarily. Its more like conjuring up an image. It's remembering or conceptualizing what it looks like and then visualizing it internally. I can hold in my mind the image of an apple. I can turn it around and view it from all sides. I can picture it as blue if I want.


I mean...how do you think artists work? We at least have some vague idea of a posed person in our head, or where a line should go before we put in on the drawing. Sometimes we are wrong and it looks different on paper than in our head or our hand didnt put it down right. But you have to at least superimpose a visual idea onto the drawing you already have. Or how people balance color in their outfit? Or decide whether you want to add another flower into an arrangement? Youd visualize its weight or how it pops out at the top of the bouquet right? Do you ever use gif memes? You dont think "that image is applicable to how this situation feels"? Or -insert Jim looking at the camera-?


It's called aphantasia iirc.


My wife apparently has no inner voice or minds eye, and after we discovered this it cleared up so many past misunderstandings.


I don’t mean to be rude, but how does she have any conscious experience?


Yeah, I don't have an inner voice. I think in images or abstract thoughts. The idea of having a voice inside my head sounds a little freaky, but that seems to be the norm.


Yes same, i thought all that imner dialogue thing was movie stuff, i never think in complete sentences, idk how to explain it's just impulses, random words and as you said abstract images


really? i see my world and relate to others scenes or dialogue all the time! like, i can think only using bits of media. kind of like how BumbleBee communicates in the transformer movies. no words of my own. but the voice in my head also runs nonstop! leave it to me, lol.


Do you ever talk to yourself? My inner dialogue is just me talking to myself out loud when I'm alone.


That's funny. Made me laugh because that's what I do. I've been practicing talking inner like that though sometimes because it actually slows my mind down and centers me more. I'm a pretty impulsive person so it helps in that regard. I use it more as a tool but it's not how I think on a daily basis


Funny that you mentioned you thought it was movie stuff because the first time I heard about the voice thing I thought the same!


Wait. They like actually hear their voice? Is that what that means? Cause I don’t hear my voice when I think in my head. It’s just like I take in information and it’s just there. Do I not have an inner monologue?!


I think it is more like it you were reading a book to yourself for thinking. Basically just talking to yourself inside your own mind. Like, if someone knocked on your door, then they say "who's at the door" in their minds. I personal don't usually repeat words in my head, but it's more of a feeling and if I am going to formulate words I'll say it out loud.


Yea I just say who’s at the door but softly. So like if they wanted something to eat, they’d have a whole ass convo in their head and be like “Well I kind of want pizza, but I had pizza earlier so never mind. I’ll get sushi”. Whereas me I either say all that out loud or I just look at stuff and decide? I’m really trying to grasp this here because I can’t think of having my own voice in my head and how a day to day kind of thing that must be.


Yeah, that’s kind of it, we have these lines of thought basically said in our heads, usually with full sentences and everything, bilingual people such as myself even change languages in their heads tbh i can’t think of something without saying the words in my head if i picture an image I describe it in my head while doing so, ill tell you what it kinda helps with writing quite a bit


Funny enough my inner voice was reading your sentence out LOUD in my head.


I'm reading this thread in my 'inner voice' right now. It's interesting to know that some people don't have an inner dialogue. I wonder if it affects the way you perform in daily life.


I can even think in ‘other people’s’ voices, like with accents and stuff. Think Samuel L. Jackson, the Queen of England, southern drawl, etc. I’m not sure if that’s normal though!


Yup, I just re-read your comment in Morgan Freeman’s voice and it was spot on


How do you read silently? Do you not pronounciate using your inner voice?


I don’t know about the person you’re replying to, but I just see the words and know what they mean. Usually the only time I pronounce words in my head is if I’m trying extra hard to understand and internalize what I’m reading. But most of the time it’s just a seamless transition from seeing —> understanding.


I have always wondered about this! My mind is always filled with words, sometimes in different languages, it can be quite annoing. Would be nice to take a break from that


I think in images and abstract thoughts mostly. My inner dialogue is a conscious effort, much like actually speaking aloud. And I \*can\* do complete sentences in inner dialogue, but I don't. it's usually a few words here and there interspersed among mostly image/abstract thought. Having an inner dialogue 24/7 would be much slower than abstract thinking...for me, anyway.


Basically we don’t think in words, we think in kind of abstract feelings, images, and ideas. Imagine if you never learned to speak a language, how would you “think” and rationalize the world around you? I can use words in my head if I want, but it’s not how my mind works naturally. I can instantly picture and understand a “feeling” of what an idea represents, but to put it into words (even just in my head) takes so much longer. The drawback I’ve found is how much harder it is to communicate my thoughts. If I don’t take time to think out loud, talk myself through a train of thought or topic of discussion, and practice articulating those ideas, I tend to sound like an idiot and say things like “Well this isn’t what I’m trying to say but it’s close enough, you get the idea right?”


To be clear, we inner-monologue people also think in abstract feelings, images, and ideas. The inner-voice is just on top of that.


Wait so how can they read silently? When I read I pretty much use my inner monologue..


Speed reading is basically when you train yourself to stop reading aloud in your head. After some practice it's pretty easy.


...wait a second. There's people that read aloud in their head?


Well, how else would you do it? Genuinely curious.


Just looking at the words and understanding them? I usually read ‘out-loud’ in my mind but that’s super slow. One way to learn to suppress it is by mentally humming (‘ohm’ or whatever) so you force yourself not to read ‘out-loud’ in your mind. It helps me read stuff way faster


I tried to read this while 'ohming' in my head and all that happend was my inner voice started 'yelling' words instead. I think you've managed to explain why I've always been a slow reader though.


Yeah haha, it can be really hard to suppress the inner voice. Just takes practice if you think the speed reading benefits would help you


Not the guy who you replied to, but for me, when I read for true depth and comprehension I "hear" the words, I "feel" the setting, etc. When I speed read, Im just marking details in context. Kinda like making an index of the content. It's not comprehension, it's just storing the knowledge for later use.


This is familiar! Cant believe it when I read it before. I thought everybody does inner monologue


only 83 out of 100 so says snapple, and a few memes ive seen. a quick google search is all you need. it really is a thing. youve probably interacted with one and had no idea


Serious Question: Do you think some peoples' inner voice sound not like their own? Mine sounds like me but I wonder if others have a different sounding inner voice than themselves, & the fact that we have the ability to "hear" our voices in our own mind is wild to ponder about. My brain hurts trying to understand how that works. lol


My inner voice changes all the time, sometimes it's my voice sometimes it's the voice of a movie character, sometimes it's a voice of a friend, sometimes it's my voice with different accents


My inner voice had a British accent for weeks after watching every season of Downton Abbey back to back.


Mine changes depending on context. It’s not really a conscious thing.


If someone tells you the don't have an inner voice, I think it's safe to assume they're an npc.


Hahaha I might have a special side quest though


I had to develop my inner dialogue. Some people have it naturally. Others like me have to read enough and practice at it. The more organized your internal dialogue, the more organized your thoughts. Consider it internal housekeeping.




I used to think I had an inner dialog, until I realized that most of the time abstractions, ideas and concepts just flowing from my head one to another didn't mean a proper dialog. I'm not sure if my inner dialog is as concrete as most people describe it. Like if I have to get ready for work, I see the time I should get ready, and then the various steps I need to do unfold in my head, but there isn't this "Well I should get dressed now, and brush my teeth, and remember to take that document etc." it's more like I just know what I have to do and my body starts automatically going through the steps. Similarly if I'm trying to solve some kind of puzzle, I see the vague or even concrete steps I should take in my head and different ideas just appear and I can organize those ideas into stages, and I try to put them into motion, but there isn't this "I could try option A but option B has benefit 1, 2, 3 but then again option A.." So no, I don't spend a lot of time talking to myself in my head. Though if I'm having or about to have a conversation with someone, I might play it out in my head first.


I can relate to this. I think in form of "sparks", there are sudden images and ideas that get to my mind when i'm thinking about something, but no real monologue. It's kind of like you said, I can organize these brief ideas to make a complete idea of something. For example, lets say I need to get ready for work in thr morning : My mind goes : 1- breakfast = milk juice, spoon, cereal 2- shower = soap + shaving 3- clothes = socks, pants, shirt It's more like a step by step list, i don't have sentences like "first, i need to get this, then I can do that", my mind is speaking in key words / images that my body will do like on autopilot mode


I don't know, what you're describing isn't what I'd call "thinking". I don't know how to describe it. But like, I'm a BIG inner monologue guy. Yet, I still get what you're describing here, but I wouldn't qualify it as being "thinking". I don't have to think about getting dressed. I will naturally just dresse After I've taken my shower. I don't have to think about "ok now in order to dress I need: boxer, socks, t-shirt and throuthers". What I *do* think about when dressing is "what am I gonna choose for each one of them". Do I wanna wear a shirt or a T-shirt? What colour? Etc Same for breakfast. I don't have to think "ok so now that I'm clothed, I need to eat. Breakfast is cereals + milk in a bowl". No. What I will be thinking is "what am I actually gonna eat this morning? Toasts? Cereals? Biscuits?" Once I've made that choice my body will do the needed action to get everything ready for me to eat. Sorry if it's not very understandle, but it's 3.40 am here and English isn't my first language. Added to the difficult topic which isn't easy to describe even in your mother tongue, makes the whole thing rough


I am kinda concerned for you. Milk juice, spoon, cereal but no bowl? How are you eating breakfast? Do you shave with soap in the shower? I can fully accept that you have a mirror to see what you are doing, but isn't shaving with soap instead of a shaving cream bad for the skin? Better than a dry shave, but still... Or am I hoodwinked by big shaving gel? Also... Do you not wear underwear?




Same!!! I think this is why journaling helps me so much — I don’t really understand what I’m feeling until I take the time to work through it in writing


This really helped me understand, cause my thinking is exactly as you described yours not to be! I wake up and start thinking “ok, so I gotta go to the bathroom, but I’m comfortable, how long could I put off going to the bathroom? I could at least last the next fifteen minutes, should we look at reddit or go to sleep? Too awake.” Then silence or music as I grab my phone. I can see images, but the majority of my thinking is like above.


It's not like I always "talk" to myself with my inner voice. Most of the time it's the same as you described. Abstract thoughts, manifesting in actions. But depending on the thing I'm thinking about, I have that inner voice going through my thoughts...


Same. I think it's weird if you have to actually tell yourself what to do. Sounds super inefficient. I think in words when I have to write or say something because that requires me to formulate actual words and sentences to communicate. The rest of the time my mind just does it's thing. I am me, why would I need to tell myself anything?


I do. It’s weird, but it’s helpful




My inner voice offers me wisdom. I also suffer from OCD and my inner voice often tells me when I’m being unreasonable.


I do. As /u/idontgetit____ said, my Inner voice and also more well spoken than my mouth. In fact, people say I sound like Mike Tyson at times or if iam on crack, because I talk fast, but thats just because I think faster than I can talk. Only one that can keep up is my inner voice.


Sometimes think about 2 different things and the words mix?


I'm similar. Back in like middle school I remember having to take a special speech/writing class because I would often jumble words together. Had to learn to slow down


sometimes I narrate to myself what I'm doing, or if I'm actually thinking about something (what to have for dinner/ pros and cons of playing a video game rn/ when the best time to clean the dishes would be/ writing an essay, etc) I have thoughts in complete sentences because it's more of a dialogue but a lot of the time my thoughts are just.... feelings or urges to do things with very few words


Well this may sound creepy but there's constant dialogue because I'm a musician. Never really stop hearing music or ideas


Or maybe your à musician because you never stop hearing music. Most likely that way around :-)


My brain never shuts the fuck up


Tips on solving this issue would be appreciated. asking for my other self


i do have a inner dialogue when thinking




i literally remember consciously developing an inner monologue where prior to that i'd never thought in sentences. i was reading one of the True Blood books when i was eleven or so and noted how the protagonist thought in full sentences, began wondering if everybody does that, and from that moment on i've always thought in full sentences too.


Whoa that is crazy and incredible to me lol. I’ve never thought this much about thoughts before I guess..


Yeah how else do you think without it?


My thoughts don't usually form as words. Sometimes they do, I'll occasionally have an inner dialogue, but usually they come either as "images" or just silence. There's not really a good way to describe it, its just sort of a feeling. It just washes over me like an emotion but it's a thought instead.


Same. No inner voice for me. It's abstract.


Same here! It was only recently when I was talking about this with my friends that I realised other people do have an inner monologue constantly - genuinely thought that was just in films/books. I suppose I do sort of think in words sometimes, but it's mainly when I'm reading or writing (or talking, obviously, since it's quite hard to talk without words) I think if I had a inner monologue going all the time I'd probably drive myself mad within 5 minutes


What about when writing? You have to talk to yourself when you write like I am right now, do you just have visuals and just know what to write down or do you have a voice in your head speaking the words?


You can think in concepts, it's weird at first but with some training you could think much faster than if you did full sentences all the time, just try this : think about something, start a sentence about it in your head but stop at the first word, you already know what the rest of the sentence is, which means you don't have to tell it to yourself and can just jump to the next sentence. One sentence becomes one word and at some point just a concept


yes. I'd rather use this way of "speaking" than actually speaking lol fuck talking, let's do mind to mind communication /s


No one needs to hear what goes on inside my noggin. I would be shunned by every single person I come across. I would be imprisoned for thoughts against humanity. Now, if I could control it and make it so I chose what they would hear that would be different. But yes, fuck talking.


I call myself “you” in my head all the time and give myself advice or encouragement or yell at myself all the time. I’m truly lording it over myself in my head. But there is no answer from the “you”.


Sometimes I use we when I really mean I, "like we're fucked, we need to study tomorrow etc"


The inner Dialog is kind of weird and often Times even annoying. It is in a way like you try to reason with yourself or you try to see Situations from diffrent perspektives. You always know that you are the one talking. It gets annoying when you are interupting yourself, when you think things you don't mean and worst is when you are constanly saying "shut up" to yourself because you are unable to stop thinking.


The morgan freeman test works good. Just imagine what you were thinking before but in morgan freemans voice, if it still sounds bad then it probably is


I wish the dialogue would stop. Ever


That's exactly what meditation is for


Double this. The dialogue doesn't shut down, but it becomes controllable somewhat


Oh wow. Ye sometimes i get annoyed by it. But most of the time its pleasant


If I think about my thinking, or I have to slow down to grasp a concept, I think in my voice with words. But if I let myself go, I think more in pictures and/or concepts. There are lots of things I struggle to put into words. Sometimes there are no words that encapsulate the thought and I wish I had loads of languages to have the right slant but then no one else would understand anyway.


I just have an inner monologue. The voice inside my head is just like my own outer talking, talking me through my thoughts. The voice inside my head, though, has basically no sound? Like I couldn't describe how it sounds because I think it is inherently soundless, but it feels like I hear it. As I am typing this, my inner voice is speaking along with it and running a couple words ahead to decide what I will write next. I wish I could think wordlessly like my cat does and sometimes I try to, but the sentences will not stop, the thoughts will not stop.


I have a very vivid inner dialogue, and I think it stems from two things. One being that I was the only girl in my family so I often played by myself and talked to myself. So when I grew up, I still retained that part of me that talked to myself (in my head). Secondly, I love to write and I think part of that really comes from my inner dialogue, because often I have "written" things in my head, so when I sit down to actually write, I have all of these things saved up and it just flows out of me like a river.


Yes. Some people started off with having no inner dialogue, but developed one over time. Some people even view people with an inner dialogue as strange. They can have an inner dialogue, they just choose not to.


A couple of years ago, I found out that some people DON’T have an inner dialogue and I was completely blown away. It was like when I was 25 and tried talking to my ex about the calendar and found out I have synesthesia.


I straight up prefer talking to myself. Self is a good listener Self always has great points back Self is guaranteed to seamlessly match the vibe and tone of the conversation. Everytime. I rarely have to ask Self to repeat what Self said. If I ever lost the ability to have an internal (and sometimes external) conversation with myself. I think I would be very VERY depressed.


Yes, it amplifies when i have music playing in my ears


Do you really mean inner "dialogue" (as in two people talking to each other) or inner "monologue" (just one person (myself) talking)? I have an inner monologue, which is just myself verbalizing thoughts to myself, which is clearly more pronounced when I'm trying to figure something out or make a decision. But most often my thoughts are just more abstract and imagerial, and much less verbal. I would be more than a bit freaked out if a separate voice started conversing with me in my head in a bonafide dialogue.


Yes! I think in complete sentences almost all the time. My sister is like you and cannot relate to this. I find this incredibly interesting. I can’t imagine not thinking this way


It's not between myself and another voice, just me talking in my own head. But I like to write so most of my idle thought involves "watching movies" I create in my head which involves a lot of conversations between people I invent. ​ I was watching a video on facebook recently that addressed this, that humans all have different ways of experiencing reality. People have different ways of processing information in their own heads, whether it be blocks of info, dialouge, images and sensations, or something else.


I do, and I love it. My inner voice is hilarious and insightful, sometimes a huge asshole tho. When I take THC, I actually seem to have several, or at least one that I can identify as different aspects of my personality. Example: watching tv, that guy is hot, nah! His eyes are close together, aren't they? Okay, well maybe, but he has a nice body. Seriously, I don't know why you're arguing! It's not like you'd get a chance to hit that! It's like hanging out sitting on a couch with a group of friends. Or maybe actually chilling with the devil and angel on my shoulders.


I do have inner dialogue. I'm just talking to myself in my head. Weird thing for me is that i do it in english and that is not my native language.


I think it would be very lonely to NOT have an inner dialog. Is that why some extroverts are the way they are?


Given my relationship with my inner voice, I'm genuinely jealous of those who don't have such an active and sometimes abusive inner voice like mine.


As someone without an inner voice, I can assure you thoughts can be tortuous and abusive without actually hearing words in your head .


My inner dialogue feels like trying to watch TV, listen to the radio and read a book all at once. It feels like an endless barrage of thoughts, memories, feelings and sometimes fake scenarios I make up anxiously, even having arguments in my head with people or taking myself on an unauthorized feels-trip. It can be brutally exhausting, confusing and frustrating. I have ADHD and cyclothymic bipolar disorder, so this is probably why it's so intense sometimes and I can't turn it off, sorta like a broken high pressure water main.


I do, my husband doesn’t! When I asked him if he does he looked beyond confused. When reading a book, I also essentially read out loud in my head. When he reads he says he just sees the words and comprehends it.


i don't know if it's normal or not, but my multiple inner voices argue among them and i end up always being confused.


Oh yes. I have some of the best conversations in my head.


I can have a full on dialogue in my head. For example, I’ll rehearse a presentation inside my head, think of areas to clarify or approach differently and then add all that to my speaker notes. I’m also usually juggling several tasks at work so I mentally prioritize and schedule tasks all the time. So when I wake up and head to my home office, I’m immediately in full swing.


I just spent 8 out of the 9 hours of my work day being the guest on the JoeRogan podcast.


I’m my favorite person to talk to.