I mean he’s not wrong

I mean he’s not wrong

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This scene probably has some variation in every disney show for the last 10 years.


That’s because the formula was always the same - young sometimes bratty, but smart girl (Hollywood loves em). Normal best friend, dumb older brother, dumbish other friend, Always a single parent who was always busy


The best friend is almost never normal though, they’re usually the strangest one. Look at iCarly, Drake and Josh, any of those shows really (I know those specifically were nickelodeon, but the same rules apply).




The show in general was pretty funny. It was one of the first to adopt the “kids’ live action sitcom” formula that everyone is sick of now, and it along with Drake and Josh are probably the best shows to use that formula.


Man y'all are young. Lizzie McGuire was like 2001-2002ish? I think Disney was starting to do quirky middle school/teen live action shows even before that. edit: Kenan and Kel was an archetype example for sure


Clarissa was explaining it all to me before Lizzie was ever in the picture.


naa naa na na na


(Alright alright)


I was getting a little wild and a little strange down on the range with Hey Dude.


Ahh yeeahhh and Salute Your Shorts!


🎵 Camp Anawanna, we hold you in our hearts! 🎵 and when we think about you...


These children in here thinking iCarly was innovative for having a kid sitcom lol.


For real. I mean... ADVENTURES OF PETE & PETE? It’s the OG kid sitcom. And a masterpiece.


How about Salute Your Shorts and Hey Dude?


Say it right or pay the price!


There was something so natural and genuine about how writers treated their characters, even the “weirder” characters (like Artie in P&P). It wasn’t until 2000s where they decided to just dial it up to 100 and make everyone cartoonish! And silly! And LOOK AT HOW QUIRKY AND WEIRD THEY ARE!


Zeke the plumber. :sobs:


All these kids in here forgetting about The Little Rascals.


Pete and Pete was something else entirely


That show was dope. The episode where pete collected all those box tops to get the jet pack that turned out to be a leaf blower. Hilarious.


Everytime we watched this as a kid my dad would walk into the room and say "you know, I like Pete. But I don't like Pete" and walk back out.




We own the complete set and boy are my road trip memories filled with that show.


They mean a classic-style sitcom, like a multi-camera “live audience” sitcom.


Lol yeah, they didn't pioneer that either


Even Stevens, That’s so Raven, Phil of the Future. So many before iCarly


Can't forget about some of the skits from *All That!*


Orange soda, orange soda, orange sooooooodaaaa!


"Best live action kids sitcom" kinda has a "most attractive in the burns unit" feel about it.


I'll fight you to the death over slander of iCarly or Drake and Josh, both of those shows are classics as far as I'm concerned




WHY!? Edit: Aw, here it goes...


Aa someone who was in his late teens when iCarly was on TV I can assure you iCarly being funny is entirely something in your mind


I will say though Nick shows age a whole lot better than Disney shows


It started with Kimmie from Full House.


Or Six from Blossom.


iCarly and Malcolm in the Middle were my jam as a kid


Normal just means brown in this case lol


Lizzie McGuire and Even Stevens had a bratty *younger* brother.


Malcom in the middle had 4 dumb brothers with the 2nd youngest being the smartest and had both parents involved


That show is a once in a lifetime thing it's so good. The cast was amazing and the show had a messy charm to it that those squeaky clean, cookie cutter Disney shows couldn't dream of.


Malcolm in the Middle wasn't an mass-produced sitcom product marketed to grade-schoolers.


Dewey was not dumb. He was the most mature one in the family counting Lois and Hal. Francis was more carelessly dumb than dumb like Reese. The baby might even be smarter than Malcolm.


It was a slightly earlier version of the formula


Annoying younger sibling usually in the mix as wel


What about the fat friend and the black friend? EDIT: mb im probably thinking of Nik


The bratty girls are the only ones with parents who actively seek out shows like this for them to be on.


You know they are actors right?


| Always a single parent who was always busy Feels like an easy way to not have to write more lines for the parent


Most of the shows I grew up watching on Disney channel had 2 parents. Lizzie McGuire, That’s so Raven, Even Stevens, Phil of the Future. I’m trying to think of a show that only had 1 Edit- Suite Life had a single mom. That’s the only one I could think of


and the parent always ends up giving some way too serious advice for a kids show


The fact that I could turn on any children’s sitcom from my childhood and it would feel like this scene is crazy. It’s too accurate.


10 years? I haven't watched Disney for 10 years and it was like this before then lmao


I mean that was Hannah Montana all the time


I cannot believe I used to love those, they really are like crack for kids


Ikr? I rewatched a few episodes of those shows and they are so cringy now


OMG ICarly in Netflix, not only is it super cringey but holy helk the feet stuff is everywhere. Almost every episode you can see on of the girls feet. I stopped at episode 5 cause I felt too much like a pedo.


I've been falling down a rabbit holes listening to Jeannette Mccurdy's podcasts and interviews, it's really disturbing what was going on behind the scenes. Dan Schneider is so gross. I'm so glad Jeannette finally left acting


What has she said?


The main thing is that she was forced into acting by her mother as a child. At 11 her mom taught her anorexia so she wouldn't go through puberty and could continue playing younger roles. She had anorexia until she was 18, meaning the whole time she was playing fried chicken loving, always eating Sam, she was in complete misery. Then she binge ate, then mom died and she went bulimic. She's recovered now, and has lots of great content about trauma and mental illness recovery. I've seen other videos documenting Dan Schneider, so it's hard to distinguish what came from Jeannette but he's such a creep. Made 12 year old kids parade around in front of him barefoot as part of the casting process. After landing a role, he'd invite them to a party where they had to wear bikinis and no parents were allowed. He used social media to solicit feet pics from underage fans. "Write Sam and Cat on your foot to be featured!" Also, allegedly the picture of Jeannette from selfie gate was a picture Dan asked for, although after hearing about her ED history it may have been a body check? Basically all the kids who acted on his show had the most hands off parents, who just wanted stardom for their children no matter the cost. I can't watch his shows at all anymore, especially the amanda show. Amanda was supposedly his "crown jewel" :/ Edit: words


Fucking disgusting.


Where have you heard this interview? I've been wanting to look further into that theory but none of the actors/actresses had said anything as far as I knew obviously I watched icarly and drake and josh so I've seen Dan I beat my meat to little feet schneider's kinda writing but I'm curious about her thoughts


She's been a guest on many podcasts. I first heard her on Mikhaila Peterson's podcast, then I started listening to "Empty Inside" on Jennette's YouTube Channel. This is about just Dan from a smaller channel: https://youtu.be/0VKCpJUW2SE there's three parts so far. Well researched and produced. He goes into allegations regarding stuff that happened on set. My least favourite tidbit is the clips of Ariana Grande doing all kind of weird double-entendre monologues while a minor. Extremely sexual and disturbing.


Thank you !!!I've been searching for this for I while now (I also fell into the Dan Schneider rabbit hole a few weeks ago)


.... :(


Lol I went down the same rabbit hole the other week. Then I saw Jeannette taking pictures with Dan Schneider like a month ago, which I thought was weird.


There's a running gag in the show that Sam's mom abuses her and never feeds her.


Can you give a summary?


I mean what do you expect from the man? Dan “hold her tighter she’s a fighter” Schneider


I mean I thought it was mostly that website thing with Cat and the creepy auditions I was just surprised by the audacity to show that on television


I'm 31 and I still do. It's like comfort food for my brain.


True, it’s like going back to a simpler time for a bit.


Yep. Been watching icarly all week pretending it’s 2010 and my biggest concern is my next birthday party theme


I’m rewatching some rn and it’s so comforting. I know they’re shit but I love ‘em




these reddit gifs always startle me








You’re roughly the same age as me but I remember myself being to old for these when it came out, I only usually watch it a bit when babysitting my sister. Edit : Yknow what I figured out why, everything came out a few years later in my backwater country, so when it finally reaches my country I’ve grown out of that phase. Not sure whether to feel lucky or not about that lol


I was too old for these shows too. A lot of them came out right around a very traumatic period in my life (17-20 ish) and I turned to them for comfort and it just kind of stuck.


Are we forgetting Sister Sister, Keenan and Kel and the million other kids shows available in the mid-90s?


I'm the same age and I'm only aware of these shows because of my younger sister watching them. I don't think you were alone in that.


I dunno, when I was a kid I couldn't stand the kid sitcoms. I just wanted to watch animation. When shit like this came on, I knew it was time to do something else.


same dude for some reason i could stand bunk’d but the other disney channel sitcoms were just garbage to me


Same. I found them cringe even as a kid. To me they were the equivalent of eating plain bread when there’s no Nutella left at home. The only show I liked was Even Stevens.


Tbf they're way different now. It could be nostalgia for sure, but I feel like Disney and Nick makes such trash now. I grew up watching stuff from the 90's, so like Boy Meets World, Spongebob, Hey Arnold etc. I've turned it on a few times over the years just to see what it's like now and it is basically what we saw in this Tok. It doesn't have the same charm it used to, and is just filled with kids overacting and being extremely snarky.


I think you just grew up man. Those shows were always like this, they were never good.


Bullshit. Hey dude, Pete & Pete, are you afraid of the dark?, rockos modern life, salute your shorts, Clarissa, ren & stimpy.... not formulaic garbage. Not cringey when I look back on it. Original and unique characters and themes that don’t seem to exist in the current/recent programming.


Im mostly talking of the ones like Drake and Josh, Hannah Montana. Which are the ones referenced in this video.


Yeah thought you were talking about the networks, they mentioned hey Arnold n shit. Those more recent shows were always garbage, that is true.


You are comparing to the best of those times. There was a lot of shit shows that we just dont remember now. There is a lot of amazing cartoons that were launched in the last 10 years like Young Justice, Gravity Falls, Gumball that are just as good as 90s cartoon. I havent watched any live-action show for kids these days, but im sure that there are some good shows outta there too


My thoughts exactly! I feel like a lot of the 90's shows were trying to be moralistic. Like Boy Meets World teaching you that stealing is wrong or Hey Arnold! stressing the idea that lying to your friends is wrong. I could be wrong on the specific ideas related to what series, but thats how I remember it. I feel like every generation is nostalgic for the decade they grew up in... And ofc I don't watch those channels anymore so I can't really speak to all of their programming. But I've watched a few videos on YouTube from people that have noticed this as well.


I'm German and this is definitely something I noticed as a child: The american tv shows pretty much always included moral lessons in every single episode. I preferred the european shows, they felt less evangelizing.


I really disagree. I can't say I'd be in to them as an adult aside from anything aside for nostalgia, but there has definitely been a formulaic shift in the way these shows are written now.


Every generation thinks this. Spongebob is fantastic, but so is adventure time.


Adventure Time is pretty neat. I absolutely agree that it's the same for every generation, for one reason or another... And I for sure have rose colored glasses on


I mean, he has to be quoting some Disney Channel show, doesn't he? Or he's a writer giving us a sneak peak? It's too perfect.


All of his videos are like this, good follow


What's his ig? I don't have tik tok :(


Same username


Wow [this one](https://www.instagram.com/p/CGv3wp1hY8N/?igshid=1l57cb01v8c51) is even better


Yes! Thank you. This is the one I actually thought it was going to be, ha. It’s much better.


Peak 🏔 Peek 👀


Oh fuck, oh shit what haVE I DONE


Peeking at peaks


This is so accurate I’m losing my mind


The jokes are spot on, ugh!


It's crazy how similar this lip sync of a thing is to the thing it's a lip sync of. The writing is particularly spot on, since it's a lip sync so the writing hasn't been changed. It's really blowing my mind.


You can't do that whole haughty, knowing superiority thing and not back it up with a link to whatever its a lip sync of. I gotta know now.


Yeah exactly, I actually need to know if this is real or satire.


You know this isn’t a lip sync of an actual Disney show, right?


This isn't a lip sync


I always wonder in their reality , do they hear the laugh track or do they just randomly wait in between speaking because that would be terrifying .




Thank you, for giving me something I absolutely love and hate at the same time


I'm partial to [Friends](https://youtu.be/4H6Ux3l75Rc) myself.


Lmfao that's gold. I grew up on friends and loved it when I was younger but now that I'm older, I find it hard to even get a chuckle while watching it. And I couldn't understand why I didn't think it was funny anymore until I saw an episode of Always Sunny where they make a sitcom TV show by using hidden cameras in charlie's and mac's mom's houses. And they make a huge point about how all you need to make a show funny is a laugh track and they kinda did the whole comparison thing on the show. They showed something one of their moms did and said with a laugh track vs without it and it was crazy how much of a difference it made


A man needs a name of that episode


Old Lady House: A Situational Comedy


*Old lady house, you'll never be alone!*


Now this is depressing


None of the things they said were actual jokes.


they all talk like they hate each other.


Always haven't been


I kind of love it. It feels more personal


It seems at least most of the sitcoms in “recent” times that use an audience laughter are shot in front of a live audience (Big Bang theory, Friends etc.), but that sometimes they still edit the laughs of the audience if something sounds off, like a very awkward laugh. So the actors do hear the laughter and are reacting to them, rather than just sitting in silence for a couple seconds every time someone says something supposed to be interpreted as funny. Older shows used what is referred to as canned laughter instead, but is uncommon today. This is just what I found while researching for ten minutes so maybe I’m not completely right


I swear I saw a Hannah Montana scene with these exact lines.


yep probably between hannah/her bff and that annoying little surfer dude


I'm fairly certain Disney Channel TV show writers do this on purpose. The jokes and lines are written to be self-contained, without needing much effort from the actors, since they're typically working with young, inexperienced actors. None of the jokes require much work to deliver, just say the lines and pump in the laugh. That way they're easy to crank out.


They also can’t rely on references since kids don’t have a lot of knowledge of general culture yet.


This is the answer. For a kids' show, pop culture and historical references are off the table, as well as puns, dark humor, wordplay, and sexual jokes. Ar that point, what the hell are you left with other than parents are dumb, homework sucks, and my siblings are lame? It's the only humor that's universal among 8 year old kids


Unless you’re a 90s cartoon lol. I recently rewatched the Animaniacs and I’m pretty sure 90% of that stuff went over my head as a kid.


i wonder how much of this has to do with kids getting their own tablets or tvs and parents all having a smartphone if there is only one tv in the house and the parent is expected to watch along to some degree, you need to entertain both the kids and the parent. if you no longer care about the parent because they're occupied with their smartphone/tv somewhere else in the house, you only need to entertain the kids


Honestly I watch Adventure Time now and am like "God damn, kids are actually allowed watch this? Back in my day heroes could barely throw a punch"


Well Adventure Time was always intended for older kids, like starting around age 10 or 11. But I agree, there's a lot of stuff in that show that kinda blows my mind that it's in there at all, lol


Oh for sure this is true but the shows I'm talking about would be intended for the same demographic stuff like Ninja Turtles 03, X-Men Evolution or Spectacular Spider-Man (not the 90's Marvel stuff which was regulated into the ground or /r/DCAU stuff which got away with a lot of wild shit across the years) but I watch any of them now and even though all of them are still great and did an amazing job working *around* censors, they never were able to say stuff like "kill" (destroy, annihilate etc) or say, have our hero accidentally shred a sentient creature to death and give the main character PTSD for the following seasons :p I feel like it might be one of two things: the people who censored our shows have retired and people in their 20's, 30's and 40's are now doing handling what's appropriate or, and I think this is a big one, the show is very cartoony and even a seemingly living cookie is, at the end of the day, just a cookie


Same thing with Family Guy. I loved Family Guy and watched the first handful of seasons over and over again. Didn't understand so many references, but it was still funny. Now I constantly know a reference to a movie/show/actor, even if I still don't even really *know* the source info. I just know the joke made about it. I attribute a ton of my pop culture knowledge to Family Guy. Kids will laugh at things that are supposed to be funny, whether they actually understand if they're funny or not. It's like a 5 year old telling jokes with just regular sentences/words as the punchline. But they laugh their asses off, because they just think a joke is funny since they know they're supposed to laugh.


lol except Family Guy wasn’t for kids


Family Guy isn't meant to be a kids show. It was a primetime show that aired at 8 or 9 PM that just happened to be animated. You didn't get the humor as a kid because you weren't supposed to.


Part of what makes Bob's Burgers funny to me is that the kids all have pop culture references from 50 years ago.


This is just drake and josh but Drake has long blonde hair


Yeah, I got hardcore drake and josh vibes


The “I don’t know does it LOOK like I speak FRENCH?!” was extremely Drake and Josh vibes


That, and the water near the end


especially the “you KNOW i have a fussy sinus!” line lol




I started rewatching it because my client likes it and I'm gonna be real it's both better and worse than I remember for completely different reasons Joshs delivery is definitly the best part of the entire show


That’s a big fucking fact. Josh’s emphasized line deliveries and Drake’s overly cool and casual unbothered line deliveries made the show hilarious by itself.


The head movements are so Josh




This reminds me of Hannah Montana SO much


I suspected that he was playing both rolls too.


Everytime I think that Starbucks offers health insurance.


Pretty sure the music track is from HM


The lines and delivery make this a solid 9/10, but the way he manages to perfectly capture how they acted physically is so uncanny. 10/10


His expression when he throws water in his face really tied the whole thing together


His acting is definitely worthy of the documentary about his abusive manager that’s coming out in 10 years


lmao holy shit


Add an explicit shot of teenage girls toes and I'd believe Dan Schneider made this.


What do you mean? Teenage girls often record themselves reacting with their toes. Dan Schneider just happened to be recording


Good old Dan “I prefer feet over teet” Schneider


Good ole Dan "show me your sole to get the role" Schneider


Lmao truuue shit


This dude moves like a muppet


He ‘s literally making this [face](https://i.imgur.com/7ZPp2De.jpg)


This guy even has a youtube channel, where he uploads these kinds of videos in a longer format [Dylan Nalbandian](https://youtube.com/c/DylanNalbandian)


This sounds like my sister. It all makes sense now.


Hannah Montana is SHAKING


This is Dan Schneider all the way.


More like Nickelodeon. Reminded me of Drake and Josh.


I miss Cameron Boyce




[(1) Disney Channel Bullies be like..😂😂](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gluSp2oMgVA)


This shit is what keeps me from rewatching Good Luck Charlie or WoWW in fear that it’s all just crap like this and my memories of them are tarnished


If he was barefoot it woulda been a spot on Dan Schneider production


Man thought that he could post an entire episode of Hannah Montana and we wouldn't notice


He don't miss


Lol catching some major drake and josh vibes


Emma and Luke from Jessie


I swear to fucking god laugh tracks are brainwash torture because this simultaneously made me laugh and cringe


I have always thought their shows to be insulting to kids, how dumb do you think they are?


This feels more Drake and Josh


Nah this is more like Nickelodeon honestly




The only thing that’s missing are the annoying people in their early 20s talking about how important this show was to their childhood just 5 years ago


Just missing a scene with a child stroking their foot


Never seen any of those Disney teen shows, but this is accurate af.


Oh man, is it that hard to put subtitles onto your TikToks? :(


Feels like I am watching fuller house ![gif](giphy|l378jKRUCSZUEZ5FC|downsized)


I watched one episode of thats so raven. I never realized how raven was kinda disrespectful and sarcastic to her parents.


Ahh finally some real cringe on the sub. NICE.




100% on the spot, it's so real and true


this was definitely miley vs jackson that’s all i could picture


Can we please finally talk about the scene in Some Assembly Required where they had the teenage girl sniff a dog's asshole?