It was a “test”

It was a “test”


He really made Monster girl a week younger for no reason


This is the same thing my mom said when we were watching it hahaha


Someone else mentioned that it could be her deaging is proportional to time & effort as Monster, so there's a possibility that the loss of 1 week was just because it was a taxing fight, while this transformation might have just knocked off an hour.


I hope Robot finds a fix for her de-aging issue


I mean, she's inmortal (from an age perspective) in her state, so I don't think it's that bad


Wait did they implicitly say that? Because I thought they just said it was curse, which means anything is possible. Like she could just drop dead on the actual time she was supposed to be dead from old age regardless of her physically age/appearance because "magic curse" >I mean, she's inmortal (from an age perspective) in her state, so I don't think it's that bad


>Like she could just drop dead on the actual time she was supposed to be dead from old age regardless of her physically age/appearance because "magic curse" Superhero shows don't usually have that definition of "magic". With the supernatural-science theme of the show it makes logical sense that since she de-ages, she simply can't die of old age. If she starts getting wrinkles while looking like a kid then we should worry, as that would mean her cells and DNA sill degrade (which is what aging is)


I thought shows use whatever definition of magic is best for the plot and sometimes they change it mid series just for convenience


that actually bothered me when watching. If she's conserving why transform for a threat?


To save her friend's life.


After finding out Omni Man killed the Guardians, you’d think Black Samson would think twice before antagonising a fellow team mate


Well that’s the thing, they weren’t a team yet. When the rest reacted without hesitation to protect Rex is when Samson saw they finally came together


Powers returned or not, he had to have been shittin’ bricks. (Also what are his powers?)


I think some shit to do with sound waves and super strength at the end we seen him lifting big boy rocks.


I think he’s their captain America because they are like the avengers


The GOTG Nolan kills is where the direct references and parallels stop. They’re all original heroes at this point who don’t correspond to big 2 characters. Also, Samson is just strong and able to fly, although in the comics when he got his powers back he was briefly much more powerful and glowing.


Rex is Image Comics’ answer to Gambit.




Gambit also was experimented on tho. In his case it was to blunt his powers because as it turns out his power has no upper limit and if he didn’t purposefully stop it from developing everything he touched would turn into nukes.


Man, jacking off must've sucked for awhile


I dunno, one could say the finale was more explosive.




Rex has the same powers as Gambit, and no other similarities of substance. Image comics did not by any means feel the need to have an answer to gambit. That’s just a cool super power that Kirkman used


I disagree - sure he's a tonne more annoying, but the cocky wise cracking ladies man character similarity is pretty hard to ignore given the fact they have basically the same power.


Eh. Gambit is a charming roguish thief, Rex is a douchebag >!former child assassin!<. But yeah they do have similarities, my point is that you’re clearly supposed to recognize the references of the original GOTG to understand the significance of their role in the world and Nolan killing them. Knowing that Rex is Gambit doesn’t really affect his story or how we view it, that’s what I mean when I see he’s not an analogue for gambit. Sure you can draw comparisons and it’s not like it’s the biggest stretch ever, but he’s way more his own character than say, War Woman or Martian Man.


Every time I randomly click on spoilers thinking "lol how bad can it be" I find out even more ridiculous stuff about the lore, I should probably get around to reading the comics.


"Image comics" is an independent publishing platform. The creators own their works as IPs and have full creative control over them. It's not like Marvel or DC where the company owns the characters. "Image comics" doesn't have an answer to anything, Kirkman just chose to make Rex into what he is randomly.


No he isn't Jesus christ


Yes he is. (Well, actually Kirkman’s answer, but still.)






Does he ever grow hair? I thought maybe he lost his powers because he was bald, or vice versa.


You would think so! But he’s still bald even as a super saiyan


On the new team they have the hulk, antman/wasp, Ironman/vision, and scarlet witch


Did Robot really not have better options for the new Guardians other than Duplikate?


It isn't what you can do but who you know. He even says he may have picked some since they worked together previously.


I thought the chick with the lightning powers would be extremely useful in a fight


Yah some others look way more useful


Duplikate should permanently leave one copy at home for safety. Then bring a bunch of suicide vests.


Monster Girl is also pretty restricted with how little she can use it, and Rex isn't amazing either. I think it was mostly Robot's personal preference.


Rex is shit in this world tbh, street level hero who belongs a B-team rescuing grannies and establishing a perimeter to contain the spread of henchfolk. Anything above a street level threat, him and 3 other less useful heroes basically have to Voltron together into one kinda useful hero, where Rex can serve as a somewhat mediocre firepower component. Haven't read the comic so I'm willing to be pleasantly surprised if I'm wrong.


I mean you had One Punch man in the background...


Saitama being underrated is kind of a thing though


He was probably about to have his turn but suddenly remembered it was bargain day at the supermarket.


He's a C grade hero. He's on local patrol.


Now I’m imagining Saitama casually one-punching Thragg


He did, he just wanted to keep his friends around.


Duplikate is like one to one with multiple man. Being a fucking idiot and all.


No, they don’t. All of those characters are incredibly different to the Invincible characters. Who is scarlet witch, Eve? Their powers aren’t even the same and Eve isn’t on the team. Robot is so dissimilar to both Iron Man and Vision that I don’t even know how to explain it. There’s a difference between sharing broad similarities in powers, and being directly referential. The original GotG are essentially a reskinned justice league, the new ones aren’t close to that.


I guess rex is Hawkeye?


No. They don't. This isnt a comic that was stealing superhero from the big boys. These characters are their own.


No they do not. They have an offbrand Ant-Man after that the comparisons are base level at best


Samson can’t fly. In the comics they get Bulletproof on the team because they need a flyer


You’re right, he can only fly with his power suit. My bad


Uh, honestly, first reading the comics, I compared Robot to Iron Man, Atom Eve to Green Lantern, Monster Girl to the Hulk/Thing, and Shrink Ray to Ant-Man/The Atom. I mean there’s nothing wrong with these comparisons since they do grow into their own characters whose powers and dynamics you take seriously. I remember being reminded of the Teen Titans when I heard of “Teen Team”


Green Lantern can't change atoms at will, though. There's legit no similarities there except for the shields Eve uses.


Ehh, I mean both can make constructs of whatever the wish.


Yeah, but also no. Eve is altering the atoms that make air to make it dense. She can alter atoms and make things out of other things. That is far far from what Green Lantern does.


Except for like all of them right? Imo it goes from DC foils to Marvel Foils. They literally have a hulk girl


Superficial similarities in power sets doesn’t override vastly different character concepts. Monster Girl and the Hulk don’t have anywhere near as close a connection as war woman and Wonder Woman or red rush and the flash. That’s all I meant, there aren’t any more characters that you should read as “this character you know with an off-brand name”. It’s clear especially in the comic, where we see dozens of original superheroes and super-team concepts, that Kirkman was done with one-to-one references.


I really admire your patience replying to all these people trying to reach for something that doesn't exist. You are absolutely right, Kirkman right off the bat introduced his copycat hero cast and quickly killed them off which was executed perfectly imo. This was directly meant to stop the audience from drawing comparisons to his other "original" characters. Unfortunately it looks like it didn't work seeing as so many people commenting are completely delusional and don't see it this way.


I really appreciate this response. I was cursed long ago by a witch to never lose a debate on the internet and now I spend every waking moment checking my notifications to respond to those who seek to usurp my superior takes. So it’s nice to be recognized for my tireless campaign against people who are mildly incorrect every once in a while


We’re comparing them solely based on powers though, and for example, Monster Girl is basically just Hulk but a girl. She’s even got anger issues.




Oh. Forgot about her. That. Yes.


>We’re comparing them solely based on powers though, Then she's still not Hulk because Hulk's power the angrier he becomes the more powerful he is


I think her powers are at least activated by emotions. (She flipped between human and monster form while almost dying in that hospital.)


Because she was in shock, possibly dying, and didn't have control of her powers, not because she was "angry"


I thought he lost his powers because he shaved and is bald now. You know, because Black _Samson._


So we see one image of him before he lost his powers and he does have hair. When he gets his powers back in the comic though, he’s still bald even at his most powerful. So yeah of course it’s a Samson reference, there’s just never any explanation of a connection between his powers and his hair and so I don’t know why he took the name Samson


In the comic he's a lot stronger than cap, and his powers are different too. Something with electricity from what I remember.


No. They aren't the avengers.


Actually almost all the chracters in invincible are inspired from dc not marvel I think they are the teen titans. You know cause the beast and Adam eve like raven


Atom* Eve (if you're gonna make assumptions, maybe use the correct name?) has NOTHING in common with Raven. Nothing at all. That's the biggest stretch I've seen


Also why does Rex always mock him for having no powers. Doesn't Rex just throw explosives?


So I was confused on what exactly Rex’s power is ; so I watched a video on his backstory. No spoilers , he has the same power Gambit does where he supercharges matter until it’s unstable and explodes. Also apparently he has super strength too, or at least in the comic .


Ah okay. That makes sense but I really couldn't tell from the show


The different objects he has on his belt are just different shapes and sizes that he charges based on the explosion size he wants. They're essentially quarter dispensers. He uses them like gambits playing cards. I forget if it's the show or comics but he can charge much larger objects for bigger booms. But yeah. Unfortunately other than that he's kind of hawkeye level. Would have been killed in one punch from the lion guy if he had stayed


I'mma call him Lion Guy from now on.


Lol his actual name is Battle Beast. I just called him lion guy so that people know who I'm talking about


Destruction Lion


an omni Man level guy going against what was left of the world Heroes. I can't wait to see what he does in episodes later when Mark maybe gets more powerful


Hes their version of thanos i think


Rex is able to supercharge an object to make it an explosive.


Just basic super strength and durability from what I remember. Nothing too amazing.


He can absorb kinetic energy and use it to power himself kinda like Sebastian Shaw but it just makes him stronger instead of being able to redirect it


Shrinking Ray’s pose though. Lmao


You really don't need to learn anything about defense or telegraphing when you can just change your size to avoid hits or to get surprise attacks.


Not really. What if somehow her powers were inhibited? Its good to know some technique. [Black canary schooling superboy](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-AgytCG1Nk)


Getting your powers inhibited is such a bullshit trope in my opinion. I mean It can work but it's often done with no thought. Like this thing makes powers not work and that's it. Like no matter if the powers are magical, biological or laws of the universe or whathever. For example depowering someone like superboy is literally changing their alien biology to that of a human on a switch without killing them and no secondary effects whatsoever instantly. That is such bullshit because there's a prison that can do that. A prison!!! for fucks sake. That tecnology is much more complex than reviving people artificially, or making people from scratch. Why do they even struggle to make clones of superman if they have such control over his biology.


It happened in MHA when >!Mirio lost his powers in the Overhaul arc!< but he could very well handle himself without


hopping universes here


I agree, but a possible explanation (retcon) is that the inhibitor collars in DC are actually just subconscious mind control that places mental blocks on using superpowers. In that case, anyone who has a generally vertebrate body plan would be susceptible to having their cerebellum fucked with


I am not an expert - have only watched movies, old cartoons and read very few comics. How are the superpowers explained generally? Do we get in-depth details about the biological changes for everyone? The point of depowering a superhero is mainly to see how they would fare without it. Its effects will probably be explained when it's relevant to the story. I cannot give an example because I am not that familiar with any superhero lore. Surely some author might have done something like that.


Well, the first Thor movie had a whole depowering arc


I meant I couldn't give an example where 'secondary effects' or depowering tech were explained


To be fair theres so many ways superboy could defeat black canary and only a single way she could beat him, that fight does prove her point but in a straight up fight she would either have to eventually use her own powers, escape or just die from wear and tear. That being said superboy needs to learn to fight because hes essentially the bottom rung of mid tier in that show and so many of his opponents just outclass him


Yes, you are right, there will be a lot of ways to defeat someone when you have unique powers. I just linked that clip as a small example on the need for technique and also training. For example, consider two supermen - one with boxing training and the other without. They are evenly matched in strength, but the one with training has more chance of winning.


This is one thing where DCs status quo is kind of dumb, Superman faces foes able to give him a fair fisticuffs match on the regular, yet he neglects learning any real martial arts.


Even here it's kinda beside the point, there are some characters can do fair fisticuffs with Superboy in DC, and that's where martial profess counts. Honestly considering how relatively often it happens Superman and co are kinda negligent with power.


Same. Also [Jacinda's pose](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMgqZuA5rWo) from Jupiter's Legacy


This show looks bad. Is it?


It's alright. I haven't read the source comic, so cannot say whether it's a faithful adaptation or not. Kind of like the CW shows, but a little more serious. Most characters didn't feel that interesting, other than one (who is not a super). The source of conflict is a good one, which most superhero shows haven't explored more. Some action scenes may feel weird like the wirework stunts are apparent. It's a 6.5/10 in my opinion. It's not bad, but it didn't make me want to watch the next episode immediately.


Thank you for the info!


Yeah season 1 was super slow. It season 2 happens, the pace has to be fixed.


Nah it's pretty average, nothing special or groundbreaking but not actively bad by any means. If it gets a season 2 I'm sure that will be better than season 1.


I thought it was pretty good, just obviously low budget.


For me, the costumes and fight choreography are it's weak points. Otherwise pretty good.


Also: poor monster girl lmao


This whole part was weird. I get the feeling they just didn’t know what to do with the guardians so they decided to make it look like they had an arc this season.


I'm still trying to figure out why they were about to throw hands over nothing. Monster Girl is a week younger for nothing.


And suddenly they're all cool after he said "Now we're a team"


Why did they all get up in arms over Rex? Samson just said 'We don't deserve it yet" and Rex just replies Fuck you? Like whaaa? That whole scene was weird. I thought Rex got along with Samson by the end of this season. Of all people, they should gang up on Rex. Like his character seems very 50-50, he's either a okayish dude or a straight up douche


Because as someone said earlier they were tired and had been put through the ringer. The world had just taken a massive loss, they needed a win more than anything and Rex gave them that.


Yeah I completely agree with that sentiment. But I thought that sentiment would be voiced through Rex in the form of an heated argument with Samson, but he just says "Fuck you"? That's what he would have said if it was the first episode. I'm not complaining that he's a douche or he's mean or something, just saying that I really did not expect kind of a reply to Samson.


Think they could’ve written some of the team interactions a little more throughly. It feels very one dimensional compared to the rest of the dynamics in the show. Not trying to say he isn’t a douche by any standards but I think they could have had Rex have somewhat more meaningful response. Definitely agree with you.


Rex is mostly a douche right now but hes still a more complex character then he might want you to believe. The team wouldn't gang up on Rex because they probably agree with him that after everything they have been through with trudging through countless corpses while trying to repair the damage Omni-Man did, they deserve the win.


They were worn out mentally and physically, tired and frustrated, working incredibly hard through a very heavy disaster.. Rex figured they earned it, Black Samson probably really felt they hadn't, but changed his mind when everyone stood instantly together as one. I don't know, it wasn't hard for me to grasp.. They looked like they were barely holding on and like they really needed a win, which Rex was giving them and Samson was trying to take away..


Yeah, that was my take too


I get that is what they were going for, but it was just a little too out of character. We never got the impression that Samson was trying to make them work as a team. And they looked like they were ready to fight him, which was way too much of an overreaction. And what gave Samson the moral right to be the one who 'brings them together'? I get he was part of the original Guardians, but that is just something we were told. We never experienced it. Ultimately it came down to being little too heavy handed. If instead of getting ready to fight Samson, the team just basically said to him (or Cecil) that they had earned that right, so get on board or get out, I think that would have worked better.


I mean I kind of feel like I understand both sides. I can get Rex feeling like it was time (in fact as soon as they panned over to the blood stain I said out loud “can we get rid of that now please?” like that’s what some of them must have been thinking), but I can also understand someone (especially Sampson who knew them and probably feels substantial survivor guilt) thinking how can we move on while the killer is still out there and literally just slaughtered thousands more. If I’m Sampson I’m thinking that blood is a reminder of the sacrifice and washing off the blood is kind of forgetting about the previous team. It was a bit of a memorial to him or a reminder.


That was some Tommy wiseau shit. Like wtf. Then they pretend like they didn't just threaten him.


Oh hi Mark!


I actually still didn't get it until OP meme'd about it. It was very poorly written.


They also really rushed stuff with Robot, like what the hell does his arc look like later now that they rushed it like this lol


I actually don’t think they rushed it. It was moved up, but that’s a part of adaptation. It took as long as it should have, it just happened sooner. Personally I liked seeing it in season one or else we would have gone this whole season without really developing Robot into a character people would be interested in. Sometimes you have to front load the good stuff.


Case in point Omniman in the end of episode 1. A lot of people seem to not be interested in Invincible until the final scene appeared. In the comics, Omniman didn't did the deed until Issue 7 and the previous issues were the typical teen learning his powers and fighting some baddies. I guess Kirkman wanted a slow burn to ease the readers into Invincible until shit hits the fan, or comic book readers tend to be patient and look for other aspects of a superhero comic like the dynamic between characters. With the series, it had to get a quick attention to the main audience that were saturated with Marvel and DC, and they might be burned out with super heroes. The adaptation might have difficulty getting popular if that scene appeared much later. It could also be possible that the pacing would improve much better if certain events merge, remove, and placed in a different times. A lot of issues and moments were jumbled around possibly to make a more coherent narrative for a TV show.


I went into the series knowing nothing about it. My best friend demanded that I watch it, and he was insistent enough that I figured that it must be good. Up until the crazy ending of E1, I was just like... Why the fuck would anyone watch this? Then my jaw hit the floor and I inhaled the rest of the season in one day. From the perspective of a casual fan, it was really good that they put that shocking scene in the first episode. I would have gotten bored and given up otherwise.


I knew nothing of the show either. Honestly I would have gave up after the first episode if it didn't have that ending. Just seemed like a slightly more adult kids show. The only reason I even tried the show out is because of an interview I saw of Rex's voice actor, he's funny af and they always put him in crazy roles. I was meh really with the trailer though.


Omg rexs voice had me like, "Jay? Jay balzerian?"


Yep, the first episode was okay. But that's really about it, it felt like a very standard superhero cartoon but nothing that lived up to the hype that I was hearing... until that ending. Then I binge-watched the show and started up the comic. Putting it in the first episode so that people would be wondering "What the fuck? Why? I've got to find out." was a good move, imo.


Rushed how?


>!They could do his Flaxxan bit around the start of Season 2 and draw his return out for a few seasons if it's ran as a B-plot.!<


They didn't rush as much as just a lack of. Though I think they'll go more in depth with him next season.


Not weird at all. They were drained and exhausted from saving thousands, it was obvious in past episodes they kinda did their own thing which is what got Monster Girl and Black Samson almost killed. When they all stood by Rex he realized they had had left that behind and became a real team. Idk, thought it was obvious.


No it’s definitely obvious that that was the intention. But they only demonstrated that they were willing to defend a teammate, it’s not like they actually learned how to work together in combat scenarios. Not letting one teammate beat another up is kind of the bare minimum of being a team, not some big accomplishment right? That’s why it felt weird to me


Black Sampson : This OmniMan out here trying to sell you Farmers Insurance ... forget that clown, trust me AllState , you're in good hands!


I read the first part in BS voice, then switched it to Dennis Haysbert without even realizing


Shrinking Rae is Flo from Progressive


Shrinking Rae is Grey Delisle. Flo is portrayed by Stephanie Courtney


I know but it this scenario where they all pitch for some kinda insurance


Yeah I never understood this part. I think it would've been much better if it was something like this: Samson: "You haven't earned that." *Team looks up* Samson: "WE earned that." And then queue everyone going to clean up the blood




Yeah agreed, this was one of the only scenes that didn't feel right.


Get this man a job as a writer on the show


That’s MUCH better.


That sounds corny af. I think they didn't earn it, but Black Samson realized it was something the team needed.




I like the scene as is for a few reasons. I think it fits better with Black Samson's grumpy old man schtick instead of a wise experienced mentor cliche. It shows them united instead of telling us that they are. It parallels earlier instances where the team would have been apathetic towards in-team confrontations. It's also more impactful knowing that they were completely exhausted at that point. It would have been easy to let them settle it themselves, but they decided that they weren't going to let him start shit. I actually liked the scene and I'm surprised to see so many people didn't.


My thoughts exactly. Its so dumb and awkward for no reason. Its like they forgot how normal people behave.


Samson is old school as an OG Guardian. He's all about the classic heroing and being a paragon as opposed to the more slapdash "good enough" methods the younger heroes use and most likely sees Cecil as the one who gets to pass final judgement on whether they earned it or not. In his eyes they didn't earn it the same way you don't get a promotion until the boss says so, but them standing up to him when before they would just let him and Rex shittalk and threaten each other is a much faster growth than he expected, blowing past the need for Cecil's approval, especially after they just spent god knows how long cleaning up Invicible and Omniman's fight. That's my read.


This scene made no sense to me lol


They really just did not earn it lmao


It didn't matter if they earned it or not. It was a win that they needed and a bonding moment for the team. I think Black Samson recognized that.


I get where they’re coming from. Heck, I get that sense of accomplishment/“We need this” feeling from that one time I spent all night volunteering to clean up downtown by picking up trash and recyclables after a party. They did the same except it was bodies. Especially the alive ones. Totes magotes earned that one. At least in my book. Not everyone can be -flash title card-


Corniest part of the series.


Tbh I found this scene a bit cringey. This isn't a believable or wholesome reaction. The threatening seems out of nowhere since many of them are indifferent to rex and don't have a negative relationship with Samson. They should have just ignored Samson and quitely joined Rex in cleaning.


Really wish we had seen the Guardians helping save people in the aftermath of Nolan and Mark’s fight. It would have been a good way to show them actually being effective as a team and help the sheer carnage of the fight sink in both for the audience and the characters.


you do see that


I don’t remember seeing them save anyone. They leave to go help people during the fight, then we see them come back exhausted. I don’t remember them being on the newscast talking about the damage either.


you do see them in the rubble of the fallen building helping people out its just not more than afew minutes


Think this basically confirms that the team view Rex as the leader as they all stepped in to protect him, even monster girl willing got younger on the off chance he was going to get hurt


He saved face flawlessly


Shrinking Ray be looking nice there 👀


**looking nice there 👀, shrinking ray be.** *-HanjiZoe03* *** ^(Commands: 'opt out', 'delete')




That scene was weird to me Idk maybe bc I was high but it came off as kinda stilted and confusing. Did he just back down because they were gonna beat his ass or are they implying hes not fully on the team?


It was stilted and confusing for me and I was sober lmao


Unpopular opinion, but I just don’t like Rex. >!Yes, I know what he’s going to later in the series!< but I don’t like him at all. Him cleaning the blood just rubs me the wrong way because (correct me if I’m wrong) they haven’t really shown them being worthy of donning the team name Guardians of the Glob. Maybe if we saw them stop a world/city level threat and they actively worked as a team or something then this scene would probably be more profound.


How is not liking Rex an unpopular opinion? I instantly didn't like him and even his little redeeming scene with Eve where he threw fireworks wasn't enough to make him bearable. I don't even understand why he made it as a Guardian, he does not possess exemplary heroic qualities that I've seen, and his personality was detrimental to the early development of the Guardians.


His explodey powers may be much more useful than how he currently employs them, so maybe Robot is banking on his potential in the long game. Like... what's to stop him from touching a Flaxan supertank and making the entire thing superheat and explode?


One could argue its shitty to ask them to join the team and then make them go in missions and then say they havent earned it, and their probably never gonna live up to the original guardians by virtue of just having lesser powers than them


You could, but their performance were terrible. Their battle against the lizard people were evident that they weren’t nearly ready. Compare that to the original Guardians of the glob when they defended the White House. And Rex constantly runs over the team leader.


he’s literally designed to be a character who’s initially a dick then becomes more sympathetic when you find out why he’s a dick


I agree that Rex just isn't that great of a hero, but at times he's just so genuinely an asshole that it's hard not to laugh when he is


Apparently I’m in the minority in thinking this moment was perfectly fine and made total sense


I think it worked but it could have worked better. That scene made me roll eyes but the show is great all around


I mean it makes sense in that I get what they were going for. But if “we won’t stand by and watch someone beat the shit out of our teammate” is all Samson needed to call them a team, then they were always qualified and that’s a pretty low bar. They never really learned to work as a team any better.


I thought the point was to see if they're willing to throw hands with Samson(that is basically their Second leader) for the greater good of the team.


Only problem I had was that it came out weirdly and kinda forced


I mean we already had a moment of them working as a team before. But i suppose samson was knocked on his ass and didnt get to see his team being a unit. But as the viewer it just feels redundant at this point.


You're like the only one so do us a favor and explain it cus to us it did NOT make sense


wacky scene ngl


I feel bad that I haven’t watched this yet, I read the shit out of it growing up, it was one of if not my first comic series that I bought and read , like whole series but I dunno I’m having such a hard time even putting it on, I love mark and eve, omni-man was one of my favorites and the villains are always great but I for the love of god just can’t start an episode


Was it tho😹


Monster Girl just wasted another transformation here.


I would have been 100% ok with annoying-explode-boys death or whatever he’s calling himself. Super annoying character


Lame. You’re lame.


Was there a different Samson first or...?




Shrinking Ray looks like she's trying to use gear second


I really didn’t get this scene at all, or why It had to be there.


Those losers definitely didn’t deserve to clean the blood yet. Omni-man could sneeze and kill them all.


What where black Sampson’s powers?


The test makes no sense because instead of breaking up a conflict between team members they all instantly sided with one. Lmao what a stupid scene.